Need Me book review

Need Me by Cynthia Eden. Julianna Smith was to stand trial for murder of her husband. However, if you read the last book you know why she doesn’t. Is Julianna a femme fatale or an innocent woman being set up by a diabolical murderer; only one place Julianna could go to VJS Protection. Julianna needs someone to not believe that she’s a black widow, but someone to protect her from the unknown stalker that is out to kill her. Devlin Shade is that man. One of the owners of the VJS Protection, he and Julianna met in the last book when at that time his friend was protecting Julianna’s attorney from also being killed by a stalker.
Need Me title was apropos for in that Julianna finds that she will need Devlin a lot while standing a step ahead of the stalker. When you thought you knew who done it, another twist occur.
If you are looking for a nice book to end your day on a high note, or just to unwind make Need Me by Cynthia Eden be that book.

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