Nashville SEAL: Jameson (Seal Brotherhood #15)



Genre: Contemporary

Publisher: AL Publications

Publication Date: August 1st 2016

Series: Moon SEAL Brotherhood #15

Print Length: 268

Characters: Jameson, Lizzie

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Jameson is now a SEAL and a husband. After a beautiful wine country wedding, he’s ready to say goodbye to his Nashville singing career and hello to his first SEAL Team 3 mission. When his last gig turns into a reunion with an old flame, Jameson’s marriage faces a tougher challenge than any training drill.

Lizzie isn’t ready to watch Jameson deploy, but she knows he’s doing the right thing for her and their little girl. When Lizzie comes face-to-face with her husband’s enemies, their second chance at love could be their last…

Nashville SEALs: Jameson is a standalone romantic suspense novel in Sharon Hamilton’s long-running Navy SEAL Brotherhood Series. If you like hot chemistry, page-turning thrills, and incredible love stories, then you’ll enjoy Sharon Hamilton’s tale of hope, family, and a man’s true calling.

A quick tip: Read the Nashville SEAL #1 novella before reading this book. It would make this book easier to understand.

Nashville SEALs: Jamison is book #15 in the SEAL Brotherhood series.  It was very entertaining and enjoyable read. With loads of romance, suspense and drama too be had by all. I actually like this book than the last book I read by Sharon Hamilton.


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