My Highland Rebel (Highland Trouble #2)



Genre: Historical

Publisher: Loveswept

Sold by: Source Casablanca

Publication Date: January 3rd, 2017

Series: Highland Trouble #2

Print Length: 416 pages

Characters: Cormac, Jyne

Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

Second in a passionate, fast-paced Scottish Highlander romance series from critically acclaimed author Amanda Forester

A conquering hero
Cormac Maclean would rather read than rampage, but his fearsome warlord father demands that he prove himself in war. Cormac chooses what he thinks is an easy target, only to encounter a fiery Highland lass leading a doomed rebellion and swearing revenge on him.

Meets an unconquerable heroine
Jyne Cambell is not about to give up her castle without a fight, even though her forces are far outnumbered. She’s proud, hot-blooded and hot-tempered, and Cormac falls for her hard.

It’s going to take all of Cormac’s ingenuity to get Jyne to surrender gracefully-both to his sword and to his heart…

Cormac was a man seeking knowledge and not like his father who is feared only by his people that he rules with an iron hand. No matter how hard Cormac tried, he is and would never be the son that his father wanted him to be. So, to outsmart his father he chose to take over what he presumed was a dilapidated Abbey.

These two characters had so much in common I think that is the reason these two was certainly mint for each other. Whereas, Cormac had to prove that even though he seeks knowledge that he was capable of defending himself and others. Jyne had to prove that she had the ability to be strong like her other siblings.  But together they went on to prove that presumption of others could and would always lead man to their downfall.

My Highland Rebel could be read as a stand-alone, it had a steady pace and well-developed and likable characters. This is one title that all lover of Scottish romance will certainly enjoy.

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