Marked / Yearwood La Novela Review

This is the first book that I ever read by Rebecca Zanetti, Marked would be the start for me, although it would be the end for many of you who already follow the series.

Marked by Rebecca Zanetti was a quick read. What I mean by quick was it’s a book that you didn’t want to put down, tell the very last page. Marked is the 7th book in the Dark Protectors Series. Janie Kayrs was prophesied since birth, that she alone would save the world of the Vampires, Demons, Witches, and Shifters.  As a young child of four, she came to know a boy named Zane, who becomes a warrior of untold proportions.  When Janie finally meets Zane again, it’s with the trepidation that Zane’s the enemy and how can one love the enemy.

For those who had already read the other six in this series, you truly don’t want to miss the conclusion of this series. With hope and the way she ended Marked, Rebecca Zanetti may surprise as all one day and revisits this series.



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