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The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper
Like a Demon Series Book 1
by Roxanne Rue
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Galatea is beautiful, intelligent, and more than most men can handle. She’s also the best PI in New Orleans. When she and her brother take on a strange case of a woman’s death they quickly discover much more than they bargained for.

Enter Cee. Handsome, rich, and mysterious. His arrival brings passion and excitement to her life. He also introduces her to a supernatural world that she might not be ready for.

Get ready for a sexy thriller unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Enter the Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper, the first book in Roxanne Rue’s Like a Demon series and enter a world of mystery, intrigue, and unimaginable passion.


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He chuckled. “I’m glad we’re here now…at night.”

She felt his arms pull her into him and her heart started to quicken. “You’re shivering.”

Was she? She couldn’t tell.  He laced his fingers in between hers and suddenly she felt like she had an extra layer of clothing around her.

“Better?” His breath was brushing against her ear. She nodded.

“You could make me a little warmer.” She turned her head up to him and before she knew it, they were kissing. The kiss was slow and precise, gentle sucking on her lips, his tongue meeting hers. She was so engrossed, she didn’t feel his hand move up her shoulders, nor his fingers sliding under the straps of her dress.

When her dress started to fall, she panicked, pulling away from him. “Someone will see…”

“No one is here but us.” He said the words, but she heard them in her head. He turned her towards him and her arms dropped to her sides, letting the dress fall to the muddy sand. He wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned into her to kiss her. When his lips touched hers, she felt a warm vibration run through her. The world started to fall away around her and she thought she might fall with it. His arms held her fast, pulling her closer to his body.

His mouth moved to her neck and up to her earlobe, gently sucking on them. “Say you’ll be mine,” he whispered. She felt his hand find her bare breast. His fingers ran across and around her sensitive nipples expertly as he kissed her neck.

She couldn’t speak. Helpless moans escaped her as his head moved down to her breast. His warm tongue encircled her nipples slowly before his lips covered them, allowing his tongue to gently flick them while he sucked.

“Oh,” she whispered. She wanted to speak his name, to call him breathlessly as he kissed her body…

…but she didn’t know it. Just as the thought threatened to pull her out of the moment, she felt him reach under her ass and sweep her off her feet. Her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around his waist and she instantly felt how hard he was through his pants. The shape and size of his penis rubbed through the fabric and right against her clitoris. She shuddered.

“Say you’ll be mine, Galatea.”

The way he said her name…she was melting. She looked up into his eyes and found herself staring into an endless blue-green sea.

“Your name,” she whispered as he started to grind into her. The sensation was threatening to drive her mad. “I don’t know your name.”

One corner of his perfect mouth turned upwards and he said; “I’ll tell you…when it’s time.”

In the next moment, she felt the tip of his penis against her clitoris. Somehow, it’d freed itself from his pants and was now sliding down into the entrance of her most sacred space. He stopped right as the tip hovered at the outer edges.

“Beg me for it,” he whispered. Her heart was pounding. The desperation of having him inside her was almost more than she could bear.

“Beg me to fuck you…let me claim you as my own…”

She looked up into his eyes, the need so clear and perfect as she gasped her response…


Game of Seduction
Like a Demon Series Book 2


Galatea and Cy Aurele are neck deep in trouble. When Cy becomes intertwined with the mysterious Cervantes, Galatea must find a way to save him without losing herself.

Book Two of the Like a Demon Series enters even deeper into a world of sex and mystery following the Aurele twins as they struggle against forces they don’t understand and passions they have no hope of resisting.


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Azreala had been fortunate never to have been summoned before, but she’d heard stories from her peers over the years. Somehow, she imagined it to be far worse than this.

“Azreala,” she heard from the darkness. “I call upon thee…You are compelled to do my bidding…”

She crossed her arms, her eyes adjusted to the light quickly and she saw a man standing before her, dark hair and eyes, an old book in hand. He stopped when he saw her and smiled.

“It worked,” he whispered.

“Yeah,” she said. “It worked. So, what do you want?”

He paused as if he didn’t expect her to talk. She sighed and said; “Yes, I am Azreala of Babylon, human. What is it that you wish?”

“Riches,” he said. “I want to never have to worry about money ever again. I want success and riches beyond measure.”

“Success and riches beyond measure. That’s a tall order. I can give you riches, but you’re on your own with the success part. That involves too much free will.”

His smile broadened. “Wow. I didn’t think it’d be that easy.”

“It’s not. I require payment.”

He frowned. “You’re trapped within the circle of light. I don’t have to give you anything. I will release you when you—”

She stepped over the candle and he froze, his eyes widening. She smiled at him. “You’re not a holy man, Mr. Prosper,” she said. “You have no real power over me…and I am famished.”

She walked up to him and took the book from his hand. He shuddered at the sight of her and she laughed. “Oh, my. You’ve watched entirely too many horror movies, didn’t you? I’m not going to hurt you, dear…but I will require sustenance if you expect anything of me at all. So…you want to fuck?”

His face dropped and he started stammering. “I…well…excuse me?”

“I’m a succubus. My energy is derived from the desire of men. What you are asking requires quite a bit of energy to do, so if you want me to do your bidding, well, you’re just going to have to fuck me first.”

She slipped her top off, revealing her pert breasts. His eyes wandered down them and she felt his desire growing. She pulled her skirt off, revealing the rest of her body and she could hear his heart pounding.


She leaned in and kissed him and to her delight, he kissed back. In the dark room, she noted a chair in one far corner. She pulled him to the chair and sat him down on it, unbuckling his pants.

“Will I have to give you my soul?” he asked.

“We’re not negotiating right now,” she said, pulling out his sizable penis. She admired it for a moment, a little glad she wasn’t with her tiny dick prey back at her apartment. She slipped it into her mouth and started sucking, her hands sliding under his shirt and stroking his chest. He had a tuft of chest hair that she ran her fingers through.

He didn’t moan, curiously. He only breathed hard, his breath coming out in shudders every time he entered her mouth.  She looked up at him to see he was leaning back in the chair, mouth open, eyes to the ceiling. After a while, he looked down at her, his flushed face telling all she needed to know about his arousal level.

“Can…can I touch you…?”

She gave his dick a final, hard suck, then stood up, straddling him. She let him slide inside of her and his face changed. His mouth widened and his eyebrows lifted. A moan escaped him as he instinctively grabbed her ass. She rested her hands on his shoulder and started rocking her hips.

“You like that?”

“Yes?” he said breathlessly.

He was quite delicious. That much she could tell. He would give in to her easily and quickly, which would fill her with enough to get at what he wanted.

Poor human, she thought as his head fell into her breasts, taking her nipples in one mouth and licking it with ferocity. He was starting to move his hips with her as she started fucking him a little harder. When was the last time he’d had sex? Poor…poor human…he was as hungry as she was. More probably.

The thought entered her mind that she could just drain him. She could fuck him for at least a few days before he was finally empty…but…

She was curious. After all, he called her specifically. Whether he meant to, didn’t really matter…he still called her. Would it be too much trouble to oblige him?

She leaned back in the chair, feeling him coming close to climax. The thought of stopping him was gone. She wanted to get down to business. She squeezed herself tightly around his penis and his body started shaking.

So soon? She thought. She sped up, thrusting herself hard against him. He cried out, holding her tight as he thrust himself into her, his seed and his energy filling her with equal satisfaction. When the last of his thrusts was gone, he leaned against her body.

“Oh, my god,” he whispered. She cradled his head against her chest and smiled to herself. Easy hunting…


Born somewhere between the thin sheets of the darkness and the light, Roxanne Rue fosters her ideas from the darkest dreams of her imagination.

Like a Demon is her first dive into the erotica world and she intends on making a big splash with her vivid characters and vast imagination

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