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Awakening Submission
The K Club Dark Side Book 1
by Rachell Nichole
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance


I am not a submissive. Nuh uh, no way. As a relationship therapist, I understand the appeal of kink, I really do, but it was never for me. Until him.

Sir Clayton Schultz, PhD strode into my life unannounced and with the air of arrogance that only a Dom like him could have.

A chance meeting at a kinky conference where I’m teaching a workshop on the psychology of relationships, leads to one hell of a night. But Sir has rules to follow.

We’re intent on having a little fun at the conference and going our separate ways, but when we get home, and realize we don’t live far from one another, we make it all of a week before we’re together in his bed.

But I’m not sure if I can do this whole submissive thing full-time, or how to reconcile being a strong, independent feminist, and Sir Clayton’s submissive.

Right, I’m supposed to be the one in command here. “So, I’ll introduce myself to you a bit, and then I’ll take you through some of the basics of psychology behind sex and relationships, and we’ll have a Q&A session after. My name is Dr. Jacey Reynolds. I am a psychologist first, and a sex therapist second. I got my PhD from Berkley with a focus on child psychology actually. During my first few rotations and jobs at hospitals and private practices, I realized that helping kids and adolescents was great, but I just couldn’t stand it when I lost a patient. It happened too often, so I changed direction and started focusing on relationship therapy.

“Couples counseling, mostly. And from there, I realized just how large of a component sex was to that, and it wasn’t long after that when I decided to strictly pursue sex therapy. I studied with some of the greatest therapists and opened my own practice. I now work with couples, and individual patients to find their most successful and fulfilling sexual relationships, and how to use sex as a means to build from. Some patients come to me already in a rocky relationship. The sex is suffering considerably, because their communication both in the bedroom, and outside of it, is a challenge.” As I’m speaking, I can see a few folks jotting notes. Then the door at the back of the room opens and a man strides in. He realizes the room is silent, and I’m staring at him. Damn it, what the fuck was I saying?

He’s tall, with dark hair and broad shoulders. A couple of heads turn, but he ignores the stares. He strides through the room like he owns it and takes a seat toward the front of the room, off to the side. It’s one of the only empty chairs left.

“By all means, please continue.” His voice is indulgent. As if I had to wait for him to join us before I can speak again. The nerve.

I roll my eyes, and he grins at me. A frisson of awareness runs through me. His gaze is predatory. Fuck. I recognize this instant attraction inside myself.

“So, sex.” I clear my throat and force myself to tear my gaze from his. I am not going to let the warmth spreading through me stop me from presenting to the group. I force myself out from behind the podium, taking the microphone with me from the stand. I start walking across the small open space in the front of the room. “I know that many of you are writers. Some of you are also readers. Since of course this is a Kinky Con, that means that what a lot of you are writing and reading is about sex, particularly of the kinky variety. Today, I want to go through some of the ins and outs of what happens when we have sex, physiologically and psychologically. And to talk about how communication between partners can affect the sex. Now, there’s nothing wrong with two consenting adults who aren’t in a relationship having sex. But even in that iteration, there has to be some kind of communication.”

I wouldn’t mind testing that theory with Mr. Dark and Broody in the second row. He’s staring at me; not taking notes, not paying anything around us any mind. Even when I’m not looking at him, I can feel his stare along my skin. It’s like someone has taken the edge of a feather and continuously run it all over my body from head to toe. I shiver. I’m covered in goosebumps.

My gaze is drawn back to his.

What would it be like to be alone in the room with him? He’s already making me so hot and bothered I can barely focus on speaking, and we’re in a room full of people.

I swallow hard. “So, when you’re writing a couple who are getting all hot and heavy, you want to work on building them as real people. Real people, even when they’re just hooking up, have feelings. They may not want to acknowledge those feelings, and sex and love can be two very separate and different things, but the feelings of a human when they have a sexual relationship with someone are real. They’re varied, too. Having sex fills a physiological need. But it also fills a very psychological need. People need people. We need connections with others. That’s part of being human. The thing you want to work out when you’re writing these characters is what needs are being filled by sex. What needs are not being fulfilled by sex.” I am talking directly to Mr. Tall Dark and Sexy. I know I am. I’m sure the rest of the room can tell too. But I can’t help it. I want him. I can feel it deep inside myself. The room is quiet, listening intently to my spiel. I pop up the slideshow presentation with the different aspects of sex that I want to explore with him today. Them, damn it. Tall Dark and Broody is taking over my thoughts. I need a fan. My body is overheating.

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Sexy woman face closeup with black lace mask cover her eyes and fresh red apple. Seductive red lips and nails. Fashion Make up and manicure

Bound by Submission
The K Club Dark Side Book 2

In our world, No and Red are two very different words.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve decided I’m done being his submissive. I know something is broken between us and I can’t seem to fix it. So, I am intent on no longer being his. But my insistence that I don’t want him is futile, and we both know it. Until and unless a safeword comes out of my mouth, Sir will show me no mercy.

When he asks me to move in with him, I have never felt more secure. But co-habitation brings its own set of issues, and as we navigate the new stage of our relationship, things get complicated.

And when Sir’s first submissive suddenly comes back into his life, and she reveals parts of his past he hasn’t shared with me, I’m not sure what else he’s been hiding. When I discover his secrets, and the accusations against him start flying, I fear I’ve made a terrible mistake.

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Sexy woman face closeup with black lace mask cover her eyes and fresh red apple. Seductive red lips and nails. Fashion Make up and manicure

Craving Submission
The K Club Dark Side Book 3

My Sir has been charged with murder.


I can do nothing except fight this battle by his side, even though I now know he’s been hiding secrets from me. When I’m confronted with his past first-hand, I have to find a way to fight not just for his freedom, but for our lives.


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Rachell Nichole is a contemporary steamy romance author, who loves writing sassy sizzling romances about memorable characters who have to fight to hold on to love.

Rachell is the author of more than a dozen romances. In addition to writing, Rachell loves travel, teaching, and foreign languages. She holds BAs in Professional Writing and French, along with an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.

Rachell lives in Pennsylvania with a mountain of books and the love of her life.


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Five Things Most People Don’t Know About Me!

Hi folks, I wanted to chat today a bit more about my life and some facts you might not know. It should be interesting.

  1. I LOVE peanut butter. Like in an unhealthy kind of way. I could eat it straight from the jar on a spoon, in a sandwich, on my pancakes. It goes with almost anything and that’s how I eat it – with almost anything! The few things I will NEVER pair my PB with? Pizza, Yogurt, Pasta.
  2. I am the daughter of a truck driver, and honey, I effing talk like one! I have had a potty mouth my entire life, and I learned all my favorite words from my dad! But I have a kid filter. If you put a kid in front of me, the potty mouth instantly goes away, like magic! What’s more is, my mom has called me “baby crack” since I was a pre-teen because kids and babies LOVE me. So, I have two completely different sides. My crazy, erotic romance, truck-driving daughter potty mouth side, and my baby crack, super sweet, innocent side. What can I say, I have layers! J
  3. I never set out to write erotic romance. My first love was paranormal romance, but when my first editor heard me reading from a manuscript in the hotel lobby one night, she told me to write her one and send it to her. From that contact, to signing my first contract, and my first publication was 12 months, which is insane! I met her in June, I got the idea for the book in July. I wrote the book November – January, revised it, sent it in in March, had a contract in May, and the book came out in June. And since then, though I have continued writing paranormal romance, most of my writing time is dedicated to contemporary erotic romance.
  4. I hate reading books that suck. Okay, that could probably be inferred, but I take it a step farther than that. I refuse to read anything outside of the romance genre that isn’t personally recommended to me by a reader I trust. And I rarely pick up totally new authors even within romance without that kind of recommendation. My time is valuable and when a book is good, I adore it. But I spent more than twenty years in school, reading what I was told to read, and I refuse to waste my time on books I don’t enjoy reading. When I pick up an unknown author, I give them five pages, max, before I decide whether or not to continue reading the book. I hope that other readers like me out there will find the first five pages of my books so enthralling they never want to put the books down.
  5. I often use my husband for book research. I have had him get into the most ridiculous positions in the house, on the couch, the stairs, the office, the bed… wherever my characters are prone to getting it on, so I can see will this really work? Can Jacey be in this position while Clayton does that? It certainly keeps things interesting! Mr. Nichole is always on board to sacrifice in the name of research. Though I have to admit, we have gotten pretzeled/stuck before and it is hilarious, rather than sexy.

So that’s it folks, now you know a little bit more about Rachell Nichole and my personal life. No deep dark secrets were shared today, but that’s okay. J


I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me and I hope to hear some more about you, readers. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

If you’d like more info on me and my books, you can join me here in my Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/RavenousReaders  or sign up for my newsletter: https://bit.ly/2kYJDVn. New subscribers are automatically sent a download link for a free novella! The link to the novella is also in my reader group.

Thanks so much for having me stop by today, I had fun.


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