It’s Getting Scot In Here

Alimony in any other form is Alimony

I’ve read tons of Historical Romances in my years of reading. It’s Getting Scot In Here, the first book in the Wild Wicked Highlanders, written by Suzanne Enoch, just didn’t rack up with any of them, nor with her others titles in this genre. I didn’t find it at all entertaining. It was slow throughout and praying while reading the tempo would pick up.

The book began with manipulation. When Lady Aldriss wanted to take her daughter to London to live. Lord Aldriss, didn’t mind, on the condition that she continued providing for the maintenance of the estate. Lady Aldriss had a condition of her own. She would continue financing the estate, as long as, her sons marry before the daughter, and the brides to be must be of her own choosing. The sons grew up the daughter Is engaged and now the hunt is on for the sons to marry.

I seriously wanted to enjoy this story, I couldn’t really find anything I liked about this book. I couldn’t relate to the characters and didn’t find them at all likable. Based on the synopsis I was expecting much better.


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