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Immortal Redemption
Immortal Protectors Book 1
by Alana Delacroix
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Print Length: 355 pages
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: October 15, 2019


Cal Olin is a grudging member of the Immorti. A resurrected Aztec warrior, he knows he has much to atone for but doesn’t believe waiting for an enemy who hasn’t appeared in hundreds of years is the best way to do it. He’d prefer to spend his time in his CEO role with Civica, an organization dedicated to righting wrongs.

However, when Cal sees the unconscious body of a woman near a magical portal, he knows the long period of peace has come to an end. He’s shocked to discover the woman is Dr. Iliana Rogers, Civica’s second-in-command. The beautiful, argumentative thorn in his side has managed to open the gate and set off a chain reaction that could end the world. Is she an agent of evil or an unknowing pawn? He has to find out.

Nightmares have taken over Iliana’s dreams and with Cal, she no longer feels alone. But when he breaks into her house and tells her, incredibly, that he’s immortal, she knows she’s been living an illusion. It’s a shock to find out he was telling the truth and that her own mother was an agent of the malevolent Nilohum—and that she herself is fated to end the world.

As Iliana searches for the truth, Cal struggles with a terrible choice: does he help the woman he loves, or does he stop the end of the world and risk Iliana’s love…and life?

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With a sigh, she moved in closer and shut her eyes as his arm settled around her. His body was hard and lean with muscle that grounded her with its strength. Under her ear his heart thrummed. It was beating fast and she wished it was because of her. If she tilted her head up would he capture her mouth with his?


This softness wasn’t like him. The Eagle Knights didn’t respect tenderness or encourage the gentler aspects of life. Comfort was to be earned through battle and while it could occasionally be found at the side of a woman, it was not to be reveled in like this. This would weaken a man.

He didn’t care. Let Iliana draw every last breath from him if he could only stay like this a while longer.


Cal pulled her close and she let him, wanting to believe him and hating herself for being weak. “I can tell you again and again but I know that the trust will need to be rebuilt,” he said. “I will do that. I swear I will. I can’t lose you. You’re mine.”

This time, he leaned down and kissed her, but it wasn’t soft or gentle. It was hard and searching and the kiss she craved. His fear and her anger, all tied up in her absolute need for him and overwhelming in its intensity.


“Why are you telling me this?” Iliana asked.

Cal turned to her. “Are you a completely good person or bad person?”

“Neither,” she admitted.

“Kynot is a god who deals in absolutes. You are not a god.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Your humanity is your strength. You are a complex, irritating, wonderful, astonishing, beautiful person, like so many other people. Perhaps they are selfish. Perhaps they are not worthy. Perhaps they are. Like you.”


Alana Delacroix is a paranormal romance writer based in Toronto, Canada. Her Masked Arcana trilogy is available through Kensington’s Lyrical Press, and her Immortal Protector series launches Fall 2019. She is an introvert’s introvert who loves true crime, war, and horror podcasts and is very paranoid. Alana is also addicted to advice columns.

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