I’m Still Here (Je Suis Là)

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Elsa is spending her thirtieth birthday in the hospital bed where she’s lain for months after a devastating mountain accident. Unable to speak, see, or move, she appears to be in an irreversible coma, but her friends and family don’t know that she’s regained the power of hearing.

That day, a stranger named Thibault enters the hospital to visit his brother, who’s just been injured in an accident that killed two young girls. He instead seeks refuge in the room where Elsa lies, and quickly becomes intrigued by the young woman, returning day after day to sit beside her, convinced that his words are being heard.

As their connection grows, the doctors deliver a devastating blow to her family. Is it possible that Thibault knows something no one else does, and can he reach her before it’s too late?



This was another book that I read over my vacation.  I’m Still Here (the English translation version) was a wonderful  if haunting tale about never given up or just believing in the wonderful gift of life. Elsa had an unfortunate accident which confines her into a coma. Trapped unable to let anyone know that she was “Still Here”. When her only family by the advice of Doctors decides to pull the plug it was a stranger that never gave up on her.

Thibault has his own problems, when his younger brother hit and killed two young girls. Thibault has decided to give up on his younger brother. Happen stance sends Thibault on a journey of inner exploration and even though Thibault’s brother and Elsa circumstances are different they do have parallels.

I’m Still Here is a first person narrative, with each chapter alternating between Elisa and Thiabault. Even though this story sends us on a pungent journey. The author does lighting the mood with moments of humor.

The only downside to the story was the way it ended. But other than that, I’m Still here was a great story.




Genre: Contemporary

Print Length: 256 pages

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publication Date: August 23, 2016

Characters: Thibault, Elisa

Available Formats:  PicturePicture


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