Hot and Badgered (The Honey Badgers Chronicles)


Title: Hot and Badgered
Author: Shelly Laurenston
Series: The Honey Badgers Chronicles
Page Length: 433 pages
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Date: March 27, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance




Hot and Badgered a humorous story that will have you laughing so hard that you have tears streaming down your face.

There are only a few spinoff stories that I found that I enjoy immensely, and I am happy to say that Hot and Badgered is one of them. In Shelly Laurenston new Paranormal Romance, Hot and Badgered: Honey Badgers Chronicles we are taken back to those old so funny shifters The Honey Badgers. Though this time we’re introduced to three sister that proves that Hybrid Badgers are just some messed up shifters.

Max MacKilligan the second sister, who I thought was a psychopath with a mild case of narcissism. Which made Max one deadly Badger if crossed.

Stevie MacKilligan the youngest sister. Now how do I describe Stevie. She is overly smart. So, smart as that she can destroy the world if she wanted to. Max and Charlie protect her from people who would love to get their hand on her to use her brilliance. However, don’t think, just because she’s super intelligent that she isn’t deadly.

Charlie Taylor-MacKilligan the oldest of the three sisters, and the most, deadliest out of the three. And in Hot and Badgered we come to learn how deadly Charlie is.

The story begins with a game of cat and mouse. However, the game is reversed, when the mouse becomes the deadlier of the two. The MacKilligan sisters have been screwed by everyone even their dad. Though they don’t feel so special, because it seems their day has screwed over the entire populace. And someones is wanting some payback.

So, with mercenaries hot on the sister’s trail its nothing like having your own manpower. Especially if that manpower comes in the form of a sexy grizzly shifter.

Berg Dunn a grizzly shifter, who is the bodyguard to a young pianist who is on tour. He thought his life could get in worst. Then in a woman drops down onto his balcony and several action scenes later, his life won’t be normal ever again.

Though, don’t be in shock that you find the humor overpowers the romance in this piece. When Berg and Charlie finally got together, I didn’t really feel the spark. I might have appreciated their sexy time together more if I wasn’t laughing so hard just a few seconds before.

Overall, the story was a pleasure to read and I think that readers old and new to Shelly Laurenston world of shifters will appreciate this story.

If you read Hot and Badgered, what was your favorite part of the book?


It’s not every day that a beautiful naked woman falls out of the sky and lands face-first on grizzly shifter Berg Dunn’s hotel balcony. Definitely, they don’t usually hop up and demand his best gun. Berg gives the lady a grizzly-sized t-shirt and his cell phone, too, just on style points. And then she’s gone, taking his XXXL heart with her. By the time he figures out she’s a honey badger shifter, it’s too late.

Honey badgers are survivors. Brutal, vicious, ill-tempered survivors. Or maybe Charlie Taylor-MacKilligan is just pissed that her useless father is trying to get them all killed again, and won’t even tell her how. Protecting her little sisters has always been her job, and she’s not about to let some pesky giant grizzly protection specialist with a network of every shifter in Manhattan get in her way. Wait. He’s trying to help? Why would he want to do that? He’s cute enough that she just might let him tag along—that is, if he can keep up . . .


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