Hooked on a Phoenix (Phoenix Brothers)


Title: Hooked on a Phoenix
Author: Ashlyn Chase
Series: Phoenix Brothers
Page Length: 354 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: March 6, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance



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Hooked on a Phoenix is book #1 in Ashlyn Chase new paranormal series about paranormal beings that could rise from the ashes. However, if you followed AC’s other paranormal romances, for instance, Boston Dragons then you know all about the Fierro family.

For those how doesn’t know the Fierro’s are all firefighters, but not your ordinary firefighters, they all have the ability to rise from the ashes.

In Hooked on a Phoenix, we have a sweet love story about overcoming your traumatizing past. Gabe Fierro was requested by his childhood friend, to look out for his baby-sister. A favor that took some coaxing from his mother before Gabe decided to do the favor. But when he meets Misty again under non-favorable conditions, Gabe does everything in his power to protect Misty from a bank robbery.

Throughout the story Hooked on a Phoenix will keep readers entertained well into the night. With a fast-paced story plot and pleasant characters. I will recommend this story for any die-hard fan of Paranormal Romance.

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Misty Carlisle works as a bank teller in Boston’s financial district. She’s had more rotten luck in her life than most, except when her childhood crush shows up to cash his paycheck. Then her heart races and her mouth goes dry.

Gabe Fierro is a firefighter―and a phoenix. Like his brothers, his biggest challenge is finding a woman open-minded enough to accept a shapeshifter into her life. When his boyhood friend asks him to watch over his little sister Misty, he reluctantly agrees. But when the bank where she works gets held up, Gabe does everything he can to protect her. The two of them end up locked in the bank’s vault…where things get steamier than either of them ever imagined.


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