HIS FAMILY (HIS Series, #6)

His Family: HIS Novella (HIS Series Book 6) by [Kell, Sheila]His Family


Author: Sheila Kell

Series: HIS

Print Length: 107 Pages

Publication Date: July 4, 2017

From Romantic Suspense BEST-SELLING Author is a HIS novella. What happens when a man used to being in control has to call in his family to rescue the woman he loves? In Sheila Kell’s novella of danger and desire, a charismatic U.S. Senator and an assertive CEO are connected by the love they share. A love about to be ripped out from beneath them.

When family stands together anything is possible.

U.S. Senator Blake Hamilton has finally found love—only to have the woman who’s unraveled him snatched away in a home invasion. By the time his family arrives, he’s ready to find Elizabeth and make her his—if she’ll have him.

As he suits up to rescue her, Blake debates the danger he’s putting his sons’ lives in. But if he doesn’t, he may never see Elizabeth again. With tough decisions to make and a battle of wills, Blake has to decide how much he’ll risk to free the woman who has captured his heart.

In HIS FAMILY, you will learn that Sheila Kell knows how to keep the R in romance until the very last sentence.

Everyone needs assistance sometimes. Even a high-power US Senator. But, in Blake Hamilton case help may come sooner than later. When he received several notes requesting him to swing his vote; one he didn’t take the notes seriously and two he didn’t know the issue that this person what him to vote for or against.

When on a special weekend away with his family. Where he would introduce them to Elizabeth the woman who completes him in all ways. But with one home invasion, and the love of his life taken. One vacation turns into work for the HIS group, but this time it becomes personal when their father hires them to find and extract Elizabeth the woman he decided to claim forever.

HIS FAMILY is book six of the HIS Series written by Sheila Kell. This book like all the others is standalone with an HEA.

HIS FAMILY is right on par with the other books in this series. With a fun-loving adventure and great chemistry between the two main characters. Plus, the question of what happened in his marriage that made Blake forsake his vows is answered.

HIS FAMILY was a great read from start to finish. It was nice to see what the Hamilton children were like as children even though it was short lived.

HIS FAMILY I will recommend to anyone who loves romantic suspense. HIS FAMILY was only 107 pages long but well worth the time it takes to go on another adventure with the Hamilton’s.

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More about the author

Sheila Kell

Sheila Kell writes smokin’ hot romance and intrigue. She secretly laughs when her mother, in that stern voice, calls it, “nasty.” As a self-proclaimed caffeine addict nestled in north Mississippi with three cats, she wears her pajamas most of the day and writes about the romantic men who leave women’s hearts pounding with a happily-ever-after built on a memorable, adrenaline pumping story. When she isn’t writing, she can be found visiting her family, dreaming of an editor who agrees her work is perfect or watching cartoons.

Sheila is a proud Romance Writers of America member. You can find out more on her website, Facebook and Twitter. Join her newsletter for VIP updates, contests, upcoming appearances and news!

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