HIS Choice (HIS Series Book 2)

His Choice (HIS Series Book 2) by [Kell, Sheila]HIS Choice 

HIS series book #2

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Author: Sheila Kell

Publisher: Cunningham Books

Print Lenth: 356 Pages

Publication Date: May 12, 2015


Romantic Suspense BESTSELLER • Will his choice mean certain death to the woman he promised to protect? In Sheila Kell’s passionate novel of deception and desire, a smoking-hot enforcer and a determined reporter are destined to make choices that will change everything.

Every choice requires a decision, but some choices are determined by the heart.

Enforcer AJ Hamilton is no longer on the right side of the law. Tangled up with Baltimore’s largest crime boss, he has been tasked to threaten bothersome reporter, Megan Rogers. After a heated encounter, his attraction to her is as unexpected as it is unwanted. Failing to warn her off, AJ is forced to protect her from her stubborn self as well as his criminal boss.

Saving Megan from the clutches of certain death, AJ’s no longer sure which side he’s fighting for. With tensions high, their passion flares as they battle to stay one step ahead of the criminal mastermind The Magician. As their plan to expose him unfolds, AJ is forced to make a choice. But no matter the option he chooses, he may not be able to protect her or their hearts.


Before I get into review for those of you who chosen to avoid HIS Desire, I will give you a little back story on AJ Hamilton.

AJ Hamilton “FBI Special Agent” Brother to Jesse Hamilton and ex-partner to one Kate Ross – Hamilton. Who aided on the capture of the individual who was seeking revenge on his sibling Jesse by pursuing his partner Kate.
Toward the conclusion of HIS Desire AJ’s family discovered that he went covert and now their scrambling to figured out what happened to their missing brother. And hopes that he knows that wherever he is, Hamilton Investigation and Security (HIS) will soon find him and bring him safely home.

I am coming to love Sheila Kell universe of HIS. Every one of the characters from the principal book (HIS Desire) tagged along for the fun and experience of HIS Choice.

What a perfect name “HIS Choice”, I ought to state for the second title in Sheila Kell’s HIS. Since that is the thing that one AJ Hamilton has done and will do all through this book. Settling on decisions that will touch his life as well as Megan Rogers as well.

HIS Choice opens with Megan Rogers needing to comprehend what happed to her sibling who disappeared yet later was discovered dead. Being an Investigator Reporter will come in handy in solving the mystery.

Megan Rogers knows the outcome and that only one error on her part could lead her to either vanishing or winding up simply like her sibling. In any case, she won’t let that stop her. She should for her parents’ piece of mind, however, more so for herself, discover who the secret individual behind the Magic Shop for that was the situation her sibling was chipping away at before he disappeared.

AJ went covert to discover who’s the mastermind behind the Magic Shop and to bring the entire organization to justice. By going covert, he knew, it implied doing things that conflict with the grain of profound quality. Conflicting with everything that HIS stands for.

He knew to guarantee that he left this mission alive and have Megan remaining close to him, he should turn into that individual…an individual for which HIS doors will always stay open for business. In the meantime, he should ensure that he doesn’t lose his actual self en route.

HIS Choice was another astounding romantic suspense, which will have you shake your head in in awe about who the driving force behind the Magic Shop truly was.

I was coming to love the Hamilton family by the closure of HIS Desire. In any case, after perusing HIS Choice I can authoritatively say that I adore them. The way Sheila Kell composes these characters you can’t resist the urge to become hopelessly enamored. Indeed, even the auxiliary characters leave along enduring impression well after the story closes.

I am coming to see an example on how Sheila Kell will end every one of her books in this series. Yes, Sheila Kell has done it once more. In any case, with this cliffhanger and the following title in the series… HIS Return, I at long last will have my answers to my burning questions; What happen to their Foster sibling and What made him leave the way he did?

I gave HIS Desire four stars, not because I felt that the book lacked something. But to leave space for the following title to Wow me. And that it has done in a huge way. With all the curve and turns and that conclusion! HIS Choice merit the stars I gave and somewhat more.

On the off chance that you are going back and forth about perusing Sheila Kell’s HIS. Give this reviewer a chance to comfort you and take a risk on the HIS series and realize that you won’t have buyer remorse.

HIS CHOICE is the second book in the HIS romantic suspense series. If you like thrilling, edge of your seat reading with sizzling sex scenes, then you’ll love each installment of Sheila Kell’s best-selling series.

Pick up your copy of HIS CHOICE to meet the hot-bodied men of HIS today!

Hamilton Investigation & Security: HIS series
Books do not have to be read in order, but you’ll get the whole picture if you do!

HIS Desire (Jesse & Kate)
HIS Choice (AJ & Megan)
HIS Return (Jake & Emily)
HIS Chance (Devlin & Rylee)

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Sheila Kell

Sheila Kell writes smokin’ hot romance and intrigue. She secretly laughs when her mother, in that stern voice, calls it, “nasty.” As a self-proclaimed caffeine addict nestled in north Mississippi with three cats, she wears her pajamas most of the day and writes about the romantic men who leave women’s hearts pounding with a happily-ever-after built on a memorable, adrenaline pumping story. When she isn’t writing, she can be found visiting her family, dreaming of an editor who agrees her work is perfect or watching cartoons.

Sheila is a proud Romance Writers of America member. You can find out more on her website, Facebook and Twitter. Join her newsletter for VIP updates, contests, upcoming appearances and news!

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