Highland Sinner (Murray Family #16)



Genre: Medieval

Publisher: Zebra; Reprint edition

Publication Date: December 27th, 2016

Series: Murray #16

Print Length: 384 page

Characters: Tormand, Morainn

Golden starGolden starGolden star

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell returns to the stark majesty of medieval Scotland and the realm of the unforgettable Murray clan, as a seductive knight and a mysterious young woman unite to stop a murderous enemy…

Sir Tormand Murray is certainly a rogue, but a callous killer? Never. Yet he cannot explain how he came to wake up next to the butchered body of one of his former lovers. Someone is prepared to kill again and again until Tormand is found guilty and hanged. And his only hope of discovering the culprit lies with Morainn Ross, a reclusive, sensual beauty gifted with second sight.

Branded a witch, Morainn has never met a man who accepted her strange talent, much less one who could so easily enflame her passion. There’s no resisting Tormand’s rugged masculinity—and no escaping the enemy who grows more twisted every day. And even as logic decrees that a lasting union is impossible, Morainn knows her destiny is bound forever with the knight who has claimed her, body and soul.

  Highland Sinner book #16 in the Murray Saga is a re-released from the original publication date December 2008.

 Sir Tormand Murray was a man whore, if you wore a skirt, then Tormand would have or exceeded in sleeping with you. Maybe, that is why he is in the predicament he’s in now. Someone is going around killing all the women Tormand has slept with and if this person is not stopped than Tormand will meet his maker by the end of a rope.

Highland Sinner is a little gruesome. So, if you don’t like explicit details on the murder you might want to skip this book. However, if that doesn’t bother you than you would find this book interesting. Out of all the Murray’s book this was one of my least favorites. Not to say this book didn’t whole its own, I just didn’t like that the mystery over shadowed the Tormand and Morainn courtship.


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