Highland Guard Book Review

Highland Guard is the latest installment in the Murray’s saga. Hannah Howell takes us on an adventure of loyalty and secrets. Years ago Sir David Macqueen saved Harcourts Murays life. Years later Sir David Macqueen called in his maker. It was a debt that Harcourt couldn’t say no to. Sir Macqueen wants Harcourt to sir a son on his wife.

Five years later Harcourt couldn’t forget Lady Annys Macqueen or that night. So when a messenger arrived with a message from Lady Macqueen, Harcourt felt honor bound to answer the call. Someone is starting trouble at Glencullaich, Lady Annys think she know who it is and if she is correct her young son’s life may be in danger.

This Murray installment lived up to the others in this saga. It was a great read with many twist and turns.


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