Helping Her Remember (The Crawford Falls Series Book 1)


Title: Helping Her Remember
Author: Kate Carley
Series: A Crawford Falls Novel
Page Length: 369 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication Date: February 26, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance




Kelly Anne is back!
Those are the first spoken words of this heartfelt contemporary romance, Helping Her Remember written by Kate Carley and published by CreateSpace Publishing.
I am a sucker for a second chance at love stories especially if I know it led to an HEA at the end.

You see, several years ago, Dylan and Kelly had a world wind courtship that ended with Kelly leaving town under mysterious circumstances. Leaving Dylan hurt and betrayed. And now after seven years of trying to put his life back together, Kelly Anne has returned.

Kelly Anne returned to established herself at her dream job. She knew that sooner or later she had to run into her old flame. She was hoping for later. Because, even though she was hoping to run into him, there are some hard truths and secrets that need to be settled and told. Which may push Dylan back into the bottle.

Helping Her Remember was an okay book. It had a nice pace and somewhat enjoyable characters. I didn’t really get the chance to binding with the two main characters as I like.

Though a second chance at love, the subject matter that this author chose to surround the plotline around was a heartfelt one and this author could relate to personally.
Now the only negative thing I have to say is this book just abruptly ended. But, not without a last-minute drama scene among the two characters.


Kelly’s back.

How can two simple words make Dylan Bronstad’s heart ache and sing at the same time?

Even seven years ago, Kelly Anne Leeson had possessed that power. Back then, all Dylan wanted to do was drink and make love to her. Really, it was no wonder she’d climbed out of his bed and walked out of his life, leaving him with nothing but a nasty hangover and the lonely memories of their time together.

Today, Dylan’s life is on track. He’s sober with the support of his family and his tight-knit group of friends. But Kelly could derail all he’s worked to accomplish. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to stay away from her.

Lured by the offer of her dream job, Kelly returns home to Crawford Falls and the friends she’d abandoned a lifetime ago. Mending those broken relationships will require some honest answers and a fair amount of forgiveness.

But facing Dylan will take a lot more—like maybe a suit of armor to protect her battle-weary heart and the secret she fears she’ll never be able to keep.

While Kelly searches for a way to maintain the safe life she’s created for her son, Dylan works to remind her of the relationship they once had.

Just as they rekindle their relationship, secrets and half-truths threaten to destroy everything.


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