Hello Again

Bill Eisner escaped the high-powered world of dog eat dog and opened a neighborhood coffee shop. His high-maintenance girlfriend stayed behind. Now all he wants is a second chance in life, a chance to do something he enjoys and meet someone who can love him for who he is, not what he can buy her. The community loves him, the press loves him, and even the homeless think he’s one of the nicest guys around.Finally, he thinks he’s found true happiness with the woman of his dreams. Until she’s murdered. At her funeral, Bill discovers that the woman he loved had a lot of secrets and told him a lot of lies. But does it matter? She’s gone forever. Or is she? Her text messages say otherwise.The police don’t believe Eisner and suspect he might be responsible for his girlfriend’s death. Meanwhile the text messages become more and more threatening. When a car bomb blows up his car he is forced to accept that someone or something clearly wants to kill him.Hello Again combines the spine-tingling tension of a paranormal mystery and the descent into madness of a psychological thriller.

This was one fantastic psychological thriller that I have read so far. When Bill Eisner signed up for speed dating service, he never thought his life would spiral out of control. He found the one woman, who enjoyed sports, they clicked. But before it becomes more, Amber was murdered. Or was she! The message “Hello Again”, along with personal details, only Amber would have known, were text every day. Bill never belied in the paranormal. However, he’s coming, to the conclusion, paranormal really does exist, that or someone close to him is gas lightening him. This book I would have normally past up. I am glad that I didn’t. If you’re a huge fan of psychological thriller, with a good mystery blended in. Then Hello Again should be added to your list.

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