Hell or High Water (A Deep Six Novel) Book Review

Hell or High Water was action packed with a lode of romance thrown in. On top of that Julie Ann Walker got you really thinking “Does our government really do these things”. Six men, one sunken Spanish galleon, how do the ex-Navel SEALS retrieve a Spanish galleon which holds millions in gold and silver coins when they’re running low on funds. To that enters CIA agent Olivia Mortier with the question and answers to their problems. For one million dollars and for the good of their country if Leo Anderson and his men retired Navy SEAL would help salvage a capsule of enriched uranium, lost on the ocean floor they could keep the one million dollars she presented to him as thanks from the government. However, it’s not so simple because another fraction is looking to obtain the uranium to unleash it upon the USA. So it’s a race against time to see who would retrieve it first.

Hell or High Water on sale July 4, 2015


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