Hard Run (Delta Force Brotherhood)

Hard Run (Delta Force Brotherhood) by [Nantus, Sheryl]Title: HARD RUN
Author: Sheryl Nantus
Series: Delta Force Bortherhood
Genre: Military Romance
Publisher: Entangled
Print Length: 270 Pages
Release Date: August 28, 2017


 For fans of Maya Banks’ KGI series, prepare to meet the men of the Delta Force Brotherhood, a sexy new contemporary series where kicking ass and living hard is just how they roll.

When Skye Harris shows up on the Devil’s Playground’s doorstep asking the Brotherhood for help with a gang taking over her hometown, it’s time for Finn Storm to step up. The bikers might be tough but he’s tougher – and armed with Brotherhood tech and a warrior’s heart he’s going to get the job done, no matter what or who stands in his way.

The one weak spot in his plan is in his heart––Skye gets under his skin like no other woman has and she’s not going to let him take all the danger on his shoulders alone. But when she’s caught in the crossfire Finn has to decide whether to follow his heart or his carefully crafted plan to not only clean up the town but heal his soul.

What would you do if the person you care for is beaten and left in a coma? Who would you go to for help?

Skye Harris was put into a predicament that she must ask the same questions. But in her case the help that she needed come with the assistance of the Brotherhood. A group who specialize in the help that Skye needs that the police refused or their hands were tied in giving.

Sheryl Nantus will capture readers in her thriller of revenge and betrayal. What drew me in was the Synopsis of the book. But what had me tuned in until the very last page was the characters. Even though the book was about Finn and Skye the whole cast of characters will leave you asking for more.

I didn’t have the pleasure of reading the 1st book in Sheryl Nantus’ Delta Force series. So, Hard Run being the 1st title I read by this author. Hard Run felt like a stand-alone title. Going through the book I didn’t feel like I was lost in the going on with the characters. Though I am drawn to reading the first book to see how the Devil’s Playground was formed.

Books in the Delta Force series:
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Sheryl Nantus


Sheryl Nantus is an award-winning romance writer published by Entangled, St. Martin’s, Samhain, and Harlequin’s Carina Press.

When she’s not writing about hunky heroes, she is sipping tea, playing board games and writing haiku.

A total fangirl at heart, she met her husband through an online fanfiction community and currently lives in Pennsylvania.


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