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The Gap Year
Angela’s Epistles Book 1
by Rita Kruger
Genre: SciFi Action, LGBT Romance

Angela Wright might have everything her father’s money can buy, but that meant nothing to her on the night of her twenty-eight birthday. She is angry and a little bit drunk as she flees the scene of a fight with her mother.
All her life she has done the right thing. But she is tired of living under her mother’s shadow. How can she ever compete with Margaret Wright, the first Human judge on the Intergalactic High Court?
Within the space of a few days, Angela drops out in the last semester at Intergalactic Bureau of Investigation Academy, signs a bounty hunting contract to find the top ten criminals in the galaxy, and kisses Brenda, her best friend since childhood.
She might be late, but at last she is blooming.


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“Prof. Linden!” Angela exclaimed, reaching out to shake his hand. “I didn’t realize you were here too.”

“That’s because the red head over there basically hi-jacked me,” he slightly tilted his head to the left, and Angela scanned the room slowly to see who he was talking about.

The red head was in fact her next door neighbour, Mrs. Jingleheimer-Smith, a cougar by profession. Angela almost burst out laughing at the idea of the two of them together.

“And,” she asked. “Is this part of your escape strategy?”

“Hell no,” he said with a giggle, “this is me coming up for air. She is sizzling hot. Any man trying to escape her is a fool.”

“You are older than her usual… friends,” Angela said.

“She tells me I move like an ally cat,” he said with a frown and another giggle. “Whatever that means.”

“It means loose and limber,” Angela teased. “Like a dancer, or an ally cat.”

“I still hit the gym every day.”

“I wonder what she has planned for you,” Angela said with a wink.

“I hope it’s hot and saucy,” he whispered, leaning closer.

“You know she doesn’t come with strings,” Angela said. “No hope of tying her down anywhere.”

“Goodness yes,” he told her. “I’m in need of some fun without attachments.”

“Well then,” she said with a wink, “get ready because your party in a box is on her way over here.”

“Darrrrrling,” Mrs Jingleheimer-Smit said with her heavy Russian accent. “This is such a dearrrr parrrty.”

“It is so nice of you to come,” Angela said.

“Well, I’m glad I did, or I might have missed this,” and she hooked her arm through a beaming Prof. Linden’s, “ally cat waiting to be picked up.”

Angela reached over, gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, and then excused herself from the sight of Prof. Linden’s red blushing face. They made an odd couple, but then, both are looking for only fun.

Picking up a beer, she made her way to a quiet corner to rest. The partygoers were either dancing, or munching on snacks that Sarah and Bren just carried out of the kitchen.

Her mother’s absence was the only spoiler to the event. Bren had gone out of her way to invite people, some whom Angela had not seen in years. Others, like Mrs. Jingleheimer-Smit and the staff from the academy, which she would never have invited herself. The room was filled with old and young, highly educated and barely able to read. Yet they all danced, ate, drank, laughed and chatted as if they had known each other for years. This is the kind of party her mother would never try, and neither would she. But Bren pulled it together, and here it was, working like a charm.

Except for Margaret. “Guess she was serious about disowning me,” Angela whispered.

A sadness tugged at her heart, and for a few long moments she felt truly alone in the world. But then the music changed, the people all cheered, and she watched them all scurry off to find a place on the dance floor. Under great jubilation the gyrated hips and hopped in one place.

It was as she watched them that she knew she’d be just fine. Even without family. All these people came to send her off into a new adventure. She never even thought that so many people would come. But they did.

Not for Margaret, but for her.

So she finished the beer, and joined the thong of people on the floor. Things will be fine. She was surrounded by people who cared for her. Thomas and Sarah and Bren. Especially Bren.


Rita Kruger lives in Vereeniging, South Africa. She is wife, granddaughter, daughter, mother, and grandmother. Most of childhood happened within the pages of books. Stories conspired to carry her away from the world she knew. The places and people books introduced her to were much more exciting than her boring existence.

Currently married to her personal MacGyver, she surrounds herself with what enriches her body, mind and soul. Family. Friends. Nature. Great food. Good wine. Mountains of books. She writes novels challenging major themes of her life in the genres of fantasy and gothic horror, which she loves.

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