Game All Night

Let the Games Begin!!!

I was asked if I wanted to read and review Game All Night. I said sure, it sounded like a story I might enjoy reading. What a surprise, I didn’t just enjoy this story I actually, truly love this story. It was a sweat, friend to lover story told in the 1st person narrative, which made this story even more enjoyable, though I don’t customarily read these types of stories. I try to stay clear if at all possible. So, a big Thank You to Lauren for not giving me, enough time to think upon my decision to read Game All Night.

Game All Night takes us readers into the world of Video Games, and YouTubers…Two of my most favored things to do… playing video games and making fan videos to upload onto YouTube. But, after reading Game All Night, I realized something! I am still a Nubby when it comes to playing video games.

During the story, readers are submerged into the two worlds. All the characters in this series, are involved to some extent. I never read book one or two. So, I don’t know how popular the other characters are, but Link and Ruby seem to be the most popular on YouTube.

If I had to pick my favorite character, out of this story, it must be Link. He was a dream of a character. He was reliable and willing to drop everything to help a friend. I don’t like to give spoilers, so, I won’t tell you the predicament, Ruby found herself in that required Link assistance. But I will tell you that if your dating a guy name Mason…who is heartless, unaccommodating, and doesn’t seem to get along with your friends. Then my best advice would be to drop him like a bad habit and don’t give a second thought about it.

Though I found enjoyment in this story. It wasn’t without faults. For instance, one of my favorite television shows, if I have the chance to sit and watch is Maurey. Especially, the paternity test segment…. If you ever watched an episode on this topic then you see were, I am going with this. Ruby puts drama where drama wasn’t needed. If there was an award for a Man of the Year for a fictional character, then I would nominate Link. If only I wasn’t jaded, on dating.Image result for image for shaking my head some men would have a hard time to live up to Link’s mannerisms.

2018 is almost over. I’ve read so many books. Some that were so bad that even a scathing review wasn’t worth writing. However, I did have the pleasure to read some truly good stories. By which, Game All Night will fall into this category. With the way that Lauren Helms told the story of Link and Ruby, I may have to adjust my thinking on stories that are written on 1st person narration.


Gamer Boy (3 Book Series) by Lauren Helms

Level Me Up (Gamer Boy Book 1) by [Helms, Lauren]

This debut new adult romance brings you an even mix of nerdy and flirty in a story about a girl-next-door and her professional gamer boy.

Morgan Lawson wasn’t looking for love when attending Comic-Con. She just wanted a good time. But even before exchanging their first words, Morgan finds herself drawn to Dex. Before she realizes it, Morgan is caught up in the drop-dead sexy gamer.

Dex Roberts didn’t think falling in love was a big deal. But he knew the moment he saw Morgan, he wanted more. He fell hard and fast but wasn’t surprised when the downfalls of dating a professional video gamer became too much for Morgan. To Dex, video games are life. But he’ll bide his time because he doesn’t want anyone else.

It turns out a broken heart is harder to deal with than falling in love. Once Morgan decides what truly makes her happy, there’s no time to waste. But without any warning, life threatens to destroy what both Morgan and Dex want most…love with each other.

One More Round (Gamer Boy Book 2) by [Helms, Lauren]

History doesn’t have to repeat itself… or does it?

Life was on track, going great,
And I couldn’t have been happier.

But then he walks back in,
The tall, dark, broody blast from my past,
The one that got away,
Or shall I say, the one I pushed away,

Now, he’s pushing the boundaries,
Demanding answers,
Ready to bring the past to the present,
For a chance at a future.

As a professional gamer,
I’m focused and detailed,
Weighing all of my options.

After she left, I was lost, shattered,
And thought it was game over,
For me, for us.

But when I see her again,
There’s more at stake than just a game,
This time, I’m playing for keeps, ready for One More Round.


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