For the Bear’s Eyes Only (Grizzlies Gone Wild #3)


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 288 pages
Series: Grizzlies Gone Wild #3
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: Nov 15th 2016
Characters: Alan, Tonya

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Life as Alan Carman knew it is over. After he was captured and tortured by a mysterious enemy, the lawyer’s latent grizzly-shifter DNA was triggered. The old Alan is gone, and in his place is a terrifying vicious beast that lives and breathes for revenge. He will track down the person who did this to him-and it’ll be the last thing he ever does.

Tonya Kappes refuses to let Alan run headlong to his death. A bear-shifting deputy-and the Gladwin Clan’s beta-Tonya faces Alan with one weapon: the love that’s lingered between them since they were kids. But the idealistic man she knew has changed…into something raw, primal, and unbelievably sexy, igniting every lustful cell in her body. And, if Alan can’t learn to love the beast inside himself, maybe he can love the animal in her . . .

Now this is one Paranormal book that you don’t want to miss. Alan Carman was on a high everything was going his way, until one day he was taken by force and injected with an agent that forced his latent grizzly-shifter abilities. The good matter happy to past the bar lawyer was gone. The attraction that he had for Tonya was gone, especially when he found out that no one knew he was gone. How is that for a kick in the head. When his pack needed some legal work, they would call on good old boy Alan, but they couldn’t bother to know that he was kidnapped.

Now that Alan was on a mission of revenge, his Alpha, sends Tonya the women he knew belonged to him since he was a little boy. Tonya had her own agenda she wanted to be the Alpha female until the Alpha found his true mate. So, Tonya settled for becoming the beta. Which even that title belonged to Alan, before Tonya stole even that from Alan.

As you can see, if I was Alan I would have left my own pack and either went and started my own pack or just went lone bear. I say if wolves could do it so can a bear.

The adventure  was great and the chemistry was okay. I loved the adventure of finding the culprits than the romance. But you as a reader can judge for yourself.


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