Flare Up

Holding out for a hero!!!

Flare Up, by Shannon Stacey is published under the Carina Press brand. This book is a second chance at love contemporary romance.  Wren Everett thought her life was on the right track. She had a man that she loved and loved her. But all that turns sour when she received a call. Now Wren entire life is turned upside down. She must distance herself from everyone and everything she loved to keep them safe.

Grant Cutter is a Boston Firefighter whose life was turned upside down when the woman who claimed to love him skipped town. He was starting to get his life back together when he and his team went into a burning building to save the residence. Turns out one of the residences was his old flame…Wren.  Can Wren & Grant learn to trust each other again or will old hurts tear them apart forever?

This is the first book that I read by this author, and though Flare Up is the 6th book in the Boston Fire series. I can say without a doubt this story can be read as a standalone. Flare Up was well written, however, the book was just not for me. There wasn’t anything to this story worth noting.

The story was 352 pages, which was way too long in my opinion. Grant for a guy who got dumped by Wren took her back to easily. Yes, Wren had her reasons to run away, but she didn’t give Grant the opportunity to stand by her side. That alone had me dislike her.  There were some saving graces to this story just not many.

Overall Flare Up wasn’t a big hit nor was it a huge fail.


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