First Beast

To protect his pack, he must guard his heart.

Lost on Bodmin Moor, twelve-year-old Talia Summers was cold, hurt and terrified, before being saved by a black panther that materialized out of the night.

Years later, Talia returns to the moor in search of that magnificent beast, but instead finds a man leading a clan of shape shifters. Yet the connection she remembers is strangely absent. She despairs of ever finding it again—until a stranger steps into her shower.

Back to claim his rightful place, Caleb McLeod’s fierce attraction to his half-brother’s female is tempered by the fact she’s a human. Worse, a journalist. He’ll not have his people’s survival threatened by a human female who continually pushes the boundaries of pack rules.

His solution? Mate with her. Control her. And if his brother doesn’t like it, they’ll simply have to share. For now.

But suspicion and lies threaten the growing bond between Talia and Caleb, and the past has a way of catching up. A way of destroying the bridge built between two worlds…between two hearts.

My Review: Talia was lost on Bodmin Moor when she was twelve. When out of know where a black panther laid down beside her to protect her all through the night. Since that night she wanted to know the truth about Bodmin Moor, there were rumors that the Moors were crawling with shifters that turn into panthers. Years later Talia returns to the moor in search of the truth also of that magnificent panther that saved her. Instead she finds and meets Joshua who is leading a clan of shape shifters and claims to have been the panther that saved her that fateful day.

Even though she doesn’t feel the connection with Joshua like she did that night on the moor, she married him and hoped that the old connection would come back with time. Until the day that Joshua’s brother Caleb returns from the dead to claim his rightful place as pack leader.

With Caleb returns, suspicion will become the norm and truths will be revealed.

This book was fantastic. Caleb was the strong type, someone who doesn’t take any mess from anyone, not even his brother or his wife. Talia had two strikes against her before deciding marriage to Joshua. One she was a human and two she was a journalist, with these strikes comes doubt that she can be loyal to the pack she calls family.

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about First Beast. The story was compelling and the chemistry between Caleb and Talia was flammable

First Beast goes on sale December 8, 2015 reserve your copy today Amazon | B&N


Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star



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