Ever Lasting (Cursed #3)



Genre: Teens & Young Adult

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Publication Date: March 14th, 2017

Series: Cursed #3

Print Length: 198 pages

Characters: Cole, Allie

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Is ever lasting love a blessing—or a curse?

Thanks to their adoptive parents, Allie and Cole have shared an unwavering connection since childhood. Now, teenagers, they’ve been told their bond goes deeper than friendship. Allie and Cole are soul mates, destined to fall in love with one another again and again across the ages. For Cole, who remembers the past, the news is welcome. But Allie resists what she sees as a threat to her freedom, a ghost story, perhaps even a fantastical plan designed to control her . . .

In rebellion, Allie pushes Cole away—leaving him to battle the memories that haunt him and the pain of losing her once and for all. But his absence may prove too much for Allie’s heart to bear. Will she keep fighting the mysterious ties that bind them? Or will she find herself desperately pursuing the very fate she rejected—and encountering obstacles she didn’t expect?

Ever Lasting is told in the first-person narrative, where the two souls of Allie and Cole would also reincarnate and destined to fall in love with each other. Until this reincarnation, Allie didn’t feel what Cole felt. Refusing to force false feelings from Allie, Cole decided to distance himself from the one person that he swore to love.

Even though Ever Lasting is the third title in the Cursed series penned by author Odessa Gillespie Black, I felt I got the concept without reading the prior books in the series. Reading other books with the same plotline I thought that Odessa Gillespie Black does a wonderful job of developing the plotline and characters.

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