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Death Before Cremation
by Priyanka Singh
Genre: Poetry

A collection of poetry that deals with sad thoughts, incidents and memories. Talks about love, loss, grief, , loneliness and bad memories, possibly depression, guilt, suicidal tendencies, thoughts and self-worth. It also vaguely aims at understanding the whole process and stages of depression.


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A few excerpts (poems) :


Who doesn’t grieve the departure of a lover?

Even if you accept,

The splitting of paths.

Different destinations

are not made of the same pathways.

No matter how much you long to travel together

But you did not grieve, I should have known,

You switch paths for fun,

You travel often.

~ The Traveler


Gave away,

everything on my way,

I’m left with nothing,

But isn’t it ironic that

the emptier you become,

the heavier you feel.

~ Empty


My skeptical mind fails to decide

What to do.

To weep about people who fail to judge me right

Or laugh at the Idiocracy

Of fools,

who teach metaphors to poets

Or question the experience of loss to crematoriums,

Of morons who blame the water, for thirst

Or question the humility of the soil, of this earth .

Shall I outrage or laugh at foolishness,

Of men who teach pain-resistance

to the ladies in their lives,

Who look for satisfaction in broken girls

And mere slaves in their wives.

Of friends who step back post promises,

Ungrateful to the loyalty of soldiers,

And question the strength of Pacific minds

Who carry the world on their shoulders.

~ Chaos



Priyanka Singh is an Indian poet and law student from Central India who has done her debut as a poet through her book “Death Before Cremation” at the age of 18, in which she makes use of poetry to talk and discuss about the pain people may face in their lives. She first started writing at an early age of 8 and ten years later released her first book in 2019.

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