Dark Alpha’s Night

Who can she trust!!

After reading Dark Alpha’s Awakening book 7th in the Reaper series, written by Donna Grant. I said I was going back to read the others in this series. What a shocker that I already had the 5th book Dark Alpha’s Night already on my Kindle.

Dark Alpha’s Night is the story about Daire and Ettie. Daire is a Reaper on a mission to find the descendants of Bran hopefully to put an end to the war. When he finally came across Ettie and her two sisters. He also sees that Bran has found them too.

Ettie O’Bryn was combatant trained to “Be Ready!” for what she doesn’t know. Until two mysterious men came calling…with one claiming he is a Fae, a soldier for Death.

Dark Alpha’s Night, another amazing book by Donna Grant; though I didn’t enjoy the story as much as book #7.  Not as much backstory giving about the characters. I advise before reading this book to read the other books in the series. The temp of the story didn’t flow as smoothly, the only take away from the story. The characters chemistry between Daire and Ettie progressed naturally and wasn’t forced.

Overall, a solid story with much drama and action to be found in this great addition to the Reaper series.


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