Immortal Brothers: Cursed by Ice Book Review

I had the chance to read Cursed by Ice by Jacquely Frank the second installment in The Immortal Brothers this book like Cursed by Fire didn’t disappoint. Garreth was considered the level headed one. The one that tried to halt his other brothers from finding the fountain of life, on their misguided journey they were all cursed. Whereas, Dethan who was cursed by Fire. Garreth is cursed by Ice. He like his brother before him was offered a reprieve from his torment in exchange for his allegiance in the celestial civil war of the gods. Along this journey he meets Sarielle while trying to conquer her homeland. Sarielle like Garreth has her own problems. She’s being used by the current lord due to the fact she has the ability to control a mystical beast name Koro a weyvern. Sarielle too has the responsibility of caring for her two younger siblings being held as leverage against her in order to use her abilities. I think the reason I fell in love with Garreth and Sarielle story is because they were both slaves. Garreth salved by the gods to do their bidding or else to suffer the fate of being frozen to death for all eternity and Sarielle a true slave by the people she is force to protect and by her ability.

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