Chase (Hot Rides #3)

The Classic Rides crew takes on top secret at top speed—and chases the same thrills between the sheets . . .



Genre: Suspense

Series: Hot Rides #3

Publisher: Zebra Shout

Publication Date: November 29th, 2016

Characters: Gabriel, Nikki

           Golden star

For Gabriel, the FBI is just a painful memory. His new team of motorheads may work for the Feds undercover, but they’re nothing like the backstabbers and bureaucrats he left behind. Hunting drug dealers and smugglers in Miami gets him the adrenaline rush he wants and the justice he needs. All that’s missing is the seal on the badge—and Nikki, his sexy ex-partner.

Until she shows up at his garage, wearing short shorts and a look that spells trouble. Nikki has never forgotten the heartbreak Gabriel left her with last time. Even if she can’t have him, she still has to work with him. There’s a homegrown terrorist recruiting military vets to a cult of fear and deception, and they all have roots in Miami.

It will take Gabriel and all the Classic Rides crew to stop a catastrophe. But in close quarters with sparks flying, it’s only a matter of time before the old flame ignites . . .


Chase is book three of the Hot Rides series penned by Sidney Bristol. I don’t know, if I would have read the series in order, if that would have made a difference on my review. However, I found Chase not so enjoyable. The pace of the story was to slow for my liking. The two characters I just could get into them.  Only part I really got into was the last few chapters.

I might go back and start this series from the beginning to see if that would change my outlook in this story.








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