Summit of the Wolf (Silver Wolf Clan Book 4) Book Review

Morgan Carter and Greyson Crawford went through a lot. From Greyson helping her that fatal day when a rogue werewolf attacked and killed Morgan’s sister. In the process of assisting Greyson was turned into a wolf which he is now known as “Demon Wolf”, to Morgan being bitten and turned into the Silver Wolf an ancient breed of wolf and the only type of wolf her kind that has the capability to have children. In Tera Shanley 4th book of the Silver Wolf Clan, Summit of the Wolf, Morgan and Greyson must face their ultimate foe. The only way for them both to come out of this battle alive is to trust each other.

My Take: Tera Shanley Silver Wolf Clan series is..I can’t think of a better word than outstanding. Tera will bring your emotions to the forefront, she will have you cheering one minute then crying the next. Summit of the Wolf was a book like none other. If you enjoy reading books about shifters and Alpha wolves add Tera Shanley Silver Wolf Clan: Summit of the Wolf to your reading list.

Summit of the Wolf goes on Sale September 1, 2015


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Brand of the Pack (Silver Wolf Clan #3) Book Review

Let me start this review by giving praise to the author Tera Shanley.  The Silver Wolf Clan series is an epic love story with deep meaning if you care to listening.

Brand of the Pack was the story of forgiveness. In the last book Morgan had to be saved by Grey after being taken by another wolf pack. Morgan the only Silver Wolf has to come to terms of being the only Silver Wolf of her kind and the only wolf capable of conceiving other Silver Wolves.

In the meantime, Grey and Morgan reconcile their differences and planned their wedding. While other men have the challenge of making sure they arrive on time for the wedding. The word “Challenge” has taken on a whole new meaning in Grey’s world.

The news has leaked that a Silver Wolf exists. Now other packs has come to challenge Grey for what he has now claimed for himself.

Black Wolf’s Revenge (Silver Wolf Clan #2) Book Review

Black Wolf’s Revenge is book two of the Silver Wolf Clan series. I recommend that you read the first book to get the full enjoyment out of book two.

For those who did read Silver Wolf Clan this book picks up where it left off. Morgan just accepted Grey’s proposal, when she received news that because of what she has become that Grey’s life would be in constant peril. Thinking that’s the reason for the impromptu proposal, Morgan decided to leave Grey and everything she came to love about him.

Black Wolf’s Revenge I have to say was a well written and a wonderful tale of love and devotion.

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Silver Wolf Clan (Book One) Book Review

Silver Wolf Clan is the first book in the Silver Wolf Clan Series. This book is written by Tera Shanley. I never heard of her so I am going to assume that she is new to the writing world. I can honestly say this author shall become one of the biggest authors in paranormal romance.

Let me tell you that Silver Wolf Clan was one of the best werewolf books that I ever read. This story introduces you to Greyson Crawford. Who one day while camping heard a noise and went to investigate, which doing so changes his life forever. For with one monster bite, Greyson was changed and Silver Wolf Clan the series was born.

Silver Wolf Clan is on sale now at Amazon and B&N