• Sharon Kay

    Falling Into Right (Redemption County Book 2)

    Title: Falling Into Right Author: Sharon Kay Series: A Redemption County Novel Page Length: 294 pages Publisher: Sharon Kay Publication Date: (October 24, 2018) Genre: Contemporary Romance Falling Into Right a contemporary redemption story, where your past doesn’t define who you are as a person. In Falling Into Right we have one character that had everything going for them. A good job that she loves and about to be married to a fantastic guy.  Then one dump mistake destroyed everything. However, that didn’t stop Becca Gable to amend her outlook on life. Though she knew it’s going to be a struggle, she is willing to sacrifice everything to atone for…

  • Sharon Kay

    Awakening Kiss (Watcher’s Kiss Book 4)

        As part of the Watchers, Rhys is used to all types of combat, pursuit, and interrogation. But hacking and tracking through hidden online channels is where he excels. Shattering codes and sneaking around firewalls comes as easily to him as a swordfight or street brawl with a predatory enemy. Cooking up sweet new pastry creations is Enza’s dream job. Kitchen appliances never fail her, unlike every computer she’s ever touched. Her fledging baking business is doing well, yet as streetlights flicker with her changing mood, she can’t shake the feeling that she’s different from everyone else. But life as a regular Chicago girl is all she’s ever known…until…

  • Sharon Kay

    Captive’s Kiss: A Watcher’s Kiss Novella

    It was only supposed to be one hookup. One hot night to ease the mating urge of his race’s fertile period. But after scorching, up-against-the-wall sex in a darkened club, Tanner can’t get Saige out of his mind. And when he spots her the next day, in league with an enemy, he’s determined to uncover more about her than her delectable curves. Saige knows Tanner is one of the good guys. And that’s why she can never see him again. Her life has crumbled into a horrific turmoil, forced to aid criminals in kidnapping men for bloody arena fights. Held against her will, she has no hope of escape from…

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