Jordan: New Orleans Magic

Jordan (New Orleans Magic Book 1) by [Rebecca York] Jordan by Rebecca York

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Publisher: Season Publishing

Publication Date: Jun 1, 2017

Print Length: 84 pages

Jordan: New Orleans Magic is the first part of a three-part series penned by Rebecca York. It’s a paranormal romantic suspense.

Somebody is slaughtering supporters of Camille DuPree. Camille’s restaurant. Presently to protect her benefactors she employed a security organization. In any case, unbeknownst to Camille her past and present intersect when her old flame comes entering back into her life.

This book I couldn’t get into. I liked the puzzle, the character’s not really. Indeed, even the purpose for their separation had a Romeo and Juliet plot just with a more joyful closure. The plot was well developed. However, again the characters required somewhat more work.

Preying Game (Decorah Security #15)



Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Light Street Press

Publication Date: February 6, 2017

Series: Decorah Security  #15

Print Length: 198 pages

Characters: Jonah, Alice

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Jonah Ranger was restoring an antique 1955 Chevy when he heard a woman’s voice on the car radio pleading for help. She said her name was Alice Davenport, and a man was holding her captive, forcing her into a grueling workout routine so she’d be a proper challenge when he hunted her like a big game on his private estate.

Rebecca York has done it again. In book #15 in her Decorah Security series, Preying Game with the title telling the whole story. Alice Davenport was kidnapped and made to endure a grueling workout before she was to be hunted like prey. Taking a chance, she telepathically called out for help. Not expecting to really receive help. Until Jonah answered her call.

If I go any further in my review I will be taken the pleasure out of the book. I must say, though. Preying Game was an enjoyable if not interesting book to be sure. The characters were likable and like the other books in this series, you won’t want to miss. But if I had to choose I would say that Preying Game is the best out of the series by far…IMOP

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Outlaw Justice (Decorah Security #13)

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Long ago, they were a hot item. Then Leah left town, met, and married the wrong man. Escaping a living hell of a marriage, she runs straight into the arms of her old lover, Steve Outlaw. Passion flares again between them, but can he save her from a homicidal husband?


I haven’t read a Rebecca York book in decades. So, when I had the chance I did so with Outlaw Justice it’s the #13 book in the Decorah Security series.

This book could be read as a stand-alone…I didn’t feel that I was missing any past history in regards to storytelling.

Even though the story was short…only approximately 98 pages long.

The story takes place one late night, and Steve Outlaw came to oversee his mother’s property that he rents out. When he arrived he wasn’t to see that the house was trashed or the woman he hasn’t seen since their high school years.

Leah left town, met, and married someone else. Instead of wedding bliss, she lived a life of humiliation and horror. Deciding to escape, she went back to one place that she knew that no one would bother to look for her…the one place that she felt safe. Only she didn’t expect to fall in the arms of her old lover.

Old sparks flare between the two, and this time, Steve promises that his arms is the place Leah would call home.

Outlaw Justice was a very fast pace story with paranormal overtones. Outlaw Justice a quick read to pass your time while you wait.


Print Length: 98 pages

Publisher: Light Street Press

Publication Date: July 14, 2016

Series: Decorah Security #13

Characters: Steve, Leah

Available Formats: Kindle