Blackthorne’s Bride (Bitter Creek #15)



Genre: Western

Publisher: Dell

Publication Date: July 25, 2017

Series: Bitter Creek #15

Print Length: 432 pages

Characters: Marcus, Josie

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A rogue nobleman, a rescued lady, and revenge undone by romance all play a part in New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston’s irresistible novel of best-laid plots, delicious deception, and unexpected passion.

Two years have passed since Josie Wentworth was bought from the Sioux for a gold watch and whisked back to England by Marcus Wharton, the Duke of Blackthorne. When Marcus breaks his promise to return Josie to America, she ends up as a maid in the home of his charming but neglected nephews. Once Josie’s long-lost family finds her, however, the suddenly wealthy heiress sets out to save the two boys from their indifferent uncle—and teach the duke a lesson in honor.

Learning that Marcus is seeking a rich American bride to save his estate, Josie plots to catch his eye—certain he’ll never recognize the beauty she’s become as the ragged captive he rescued. But Josie doesn’t wager on her marital charade taking a tender turn, as the nobleman she’s despised for years proves to be a very different man than she’s imagined. And there’s no denying his passionate caresses, as she falls deeper under the spell of a husband determined to claim her heart.

Out of A Bitter Creek series, I missed only one book. But Blackthorne’s Bride is right up there with her early works. Josie reminded me of Sloan, Bayleigh and Creighton (Joan Johnston’s Sisters of the Lone Star Series) Josie was just as strong and determined just like those women. Strong in that he takes a strong person to overcome be almost bitten to death. And later finding yourself kidnapped and held against your will.

Of course, behind a strong female character must be a strong male character. And Marcus Wharton fit that bill. Marcus had his own issues. Getting over the death of his wife and child. And, caring the responsibility of taking care of twin sisters and the estate that was left to him by the death of his father the Duke of Wharton. To do that he must find an heiress, but Marcus isn’t ready to take on another bride so soon.

Blackthorne’s Bride illustrated that you can overcome just about anything if one sets their mind to it.

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Shameless: A Bitter Creek Novel



  • Series: Bitter Creek (Book 14)
  • Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Dell; Reprint edition (December 29, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0804178682
  • ISBN-13: 978-0804178686


Scorned, pregnant, and facing a life without promise, Pippa Grayhawk is stunned when her father announces that they’re leaving their home in Australia to take over his estranged father’s sprawling Wyoming ranch. Drawn into bitter family rivalries and feeling like an interloper in her new home, Pippa rides out into the wilderness and meets an intriguing stranger and his pet wolf. The wolf doesn’t scare her, but she’s very much afraid to trust another man with her heart.

Devon Flynn knows all about going it alone. He lives in an isolated cabin, away from his domineering father and the scandal surrounding his family. Devon’s attraction to Pippa is intoxicating and undeniable, but when he tries to get close, she’s as wary as his once-wild wolf. Devon is willing to defy his father, and hers, to claim Pippa as his own, but winning this wounded, wonderful woman’s love might be the greatest battle of all.


My Review: Pregnant by her boyfriend, who was also a married man, Pippa’s father took her and her brother from the life that they made in Australia to bring them to the States and the home that he left when he was only seventeen. When they arrived, it was not with open arms and the mayhem begins. Not getting along with her aunts and their bitter mini feud with her father, she decides to take a ride, and along the way she meets a “friend” not knowing that this friend that she made was also one of the family members of her grandfather’s enemy.

Devon was the product of an affair and knows how hard it is to not have the love from a parent. Isolating himself from his brothers and domineering man that raised him he tries to make a life for himself by helping defenseless creatures.

Shameful was a very epic story of making the best of one’s situation. There’s an old saying “If life gives you lemons make lemonade” well in this story this optimistic proverbial phrase was totally true.

All in all, Shameful was a very good story that will take you away for a while. I really enjoyed revisiting with the Flynns and Grayhawks can’t wait for the next book in this series.

Shameless on sale now


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Joan Johnston


Joan Johnston, the top ten New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the Bitter Creek (THE COWBOY, THE TEXAN and THE LONER plus 18 more including the Mail-Order Bride, Captive Hearts and Sisters of the Lone Star series) and Hawk’s Way (nine in all) novels, has written more than fifty-five award-winning historical and contemporary romance novels, thirty-eight of which are connected. She received an M.A. in theater from the University of Illinois and graduated with honors from the University of Texas School of Law at Austin. Joan Johnston lives in Colorado and South Florida.


Sinful Book Review

With this new installment to the Bitter Creek series it made you want to reread the series over again. It was fun to visit with old friends and to know what happened to them. So the story begins a new with King’s children.

Sinful by Joan Johnston is the 9th book in her Bitter Creek series I advised you read the series in order. Connor Flynn’s wife died in a car accident living him to raise his two children alone. To make matters worse, his in-laws has filed a suite to maintain custody of his kids. How will he prove to his in-laws and to himself that he is capable to raise two innocent young lives?

Eve has been in love with Connor since they were in High School. Instead of admitting to her feelings, she stood by and watched the man of her dreams fall in love and wed her best friend. Years later and still in love with Connor, Eve  now knows the only obstacle in her way to having what she wants is herself.