Constantine (The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels #4)



Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Publication Date: February 7, 2017

Series: The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels #4

Print Length: 260 pages

Characters: Jonah, Alice

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A shadow has fallen over the medieval Holy Land, and four courageous Crusaders have banded together to root out the enemy. The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of justice. But is there room in their hearts for love?

Evil is everywhere, and General Constantine Gerard has witnessed more than his share. Yet he never dreamed the ugliness that darkened the castle at Chastellet would cost him his wife and child.  Now he has nothing left to lose—and nothing to live for, save the vengeance he vows to unleash on Glayer Felsteppe, the man who destroyed his family.

Theodora Rosemont, too, has suffered at Glayer’s hands. When Constantine finds her, she is barely alive, and desperate to find her baby, who was snatched away by Glayer’s men mere moments after his birth. Bonded by their common enemy, Constantine and Dori embark on a treacherous journey, determined to rescue the child and vanquish the father. But as emotions run high and secrets are revealed, passion could compromise their quest, leaving more than just their hearts in peril . .

When it came to historical events Heather Grothaus went all out to make sure that the events were accurate. However, when it came to the romance that was another thing altogether lacking. Constantine was a hero of men, a loving husband, and father. But, when an enemy took all that away from him. Constantine became a man of vengeance.

Constantine is the 4th book in The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels. This story was very intriguing with a lot of twist and turns. With some reveals being a big shocker. Where Constantine lacked romance, it made up for it by having a well-developed plotline.

My recommendation would be to start this series from the beginning to get the full backstory of the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels and what made these men tick.

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Roman (The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels #3)

Roman (The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels, #3)

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Nothing will defeat his love…

Unjustly accused, four daring Crusaders have banded together in the Medieval Holy Land to clear their names and protect a kingdom in peril. With their unique gifts, the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels Abbey are prepared to face any challenge. But are they ready for love?

It is not the first time Roman Berg has escaped death, and it will likely not be the last. There is a price on his head, and his tall Nordic bearing makes him stand out in Damascus. The skilled builder has witnessed the destruction of his life’s work at Chastellet and the murder of innocent victims. But there is no question of retreat; he cannot rest until he rescues his allies and warns King Baldwin of a murderous plot against him. And he may need help from an unexpected ally . . .

Isra Tak’Ahn is an uncommon beauty. Part Egyptian and part English, she is as brave as she is alluring. Like Roman, she has been marked for death by her enemies and her vendetta is fiercely personal. Driven into hiding, Isra joins Roman at Fallen Angels Abbey. Within the walls of the centuries-old sanctuary on the Danube, they plan their daring return to Jerusalem—and discover that their greatest asset may be each other. But passion has no place in these dangerous times, and Roman and Isra must fight their feelings while the future of the kingdom hangs in the balance . . .


Roman is the 3rd book in The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels series penned by Heather Grothaus.

Roman is not your normal historical romance where you have a Soldier involved in a historical event that the author wanted to romanticize about. But a historical we did get and in this story romance took a back burner.

Roman wasn’t your standard soldier and/or warrior. You probably asking what was he then. Roman was an architect who built Chastellet. But circumstances beyond his control made him throw down the pen and pick up a sword.

Roman has witnessed personally the destruction of his life work be destroyed. Waking up after the battle at Chastellet, Roman just has one thing on his mind…to save his brothers or die trying.

With an aid of a falcon, a tiger and a mysterious beauty Roman must complete a mission to clear all of their names and by doing so, he must first save the King that put the bounty on all of their heads.

Being that this was the first book from the series and the first title I ever read written by Heather Grothaus I can’t actually tell you anything other than that Roman was an enjoyable book. There were a few slow parts but overall the story progressed without any plot holes that I could find. The romance between Roman and Isra was lacking but then again who has time for romance when there is a Kingdom to be saved.





Publication date:07/05/2016

Series:Brotherhood of Fallen Angels , #3

Sold by:Penguin Random House Publisher Services

Format: Kindle /NOOK Book


Characters: Roman

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