• Desiree Holt

    Erected (Erector Set Book 1)

    Title: Erected Author: Desiree Holt Series: Erector Set Book Page Length: 133 pages Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing Publication Date: (November 7, 2017) Genre: Erotic Romance Erected, written by Desiree Holt and published under Totally Entwined, Totally Bound Publishing brand is the first book in D. Holt’s Erector Set series. This would be my first book by this author, so I can’t really tell you much about her writing style. Except I found Erected grossly entertaining. The first meeting between this couple was hilarious when Vanessa Bowen though someone stole her car, just to find out it had been towed. In comes Josh McMann a gentleman who offered to assist Vanessa…

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