Midnight Heat (Midnight Cowboys #3)


He needs to escape…Justin Skaggs is on the road to anywhere–as long as it’s far from home–when fate throws a kindred spirit across his path.
She needs to get to Oklahoma…Phoenix Montagno can’t believe her luck when she runs into the hottie from the bar. He’s the key to her getting everything she’s always wanted, but she can’t tell him that. Luckily he’s not interested in learning her story any more than he is in sharing his.
Both have secrets they don’t want to share…It’s the perfect arrangement. No personal details. No talking at all. Just two strangers sharing the cab of a truck heading the direction they both need to go . . . until they decide to share a bed, too.

My Review: First I want to thank all the men and women who serve in the Arm Forces. Midnight Heat is the last book in Cat Johnson Midnight Cowboys series. I have to say I only read one prior to this one and I have to go with this one I like the most. Justin Skaggs was running away from his demons or that of his brother’s death. His mom is the only family he has left and even she is having trouble getting over the loss. So when his boss gave him the opportunity to leave town for a couple of days he accepted.

Phoenix Montagno knew she was adopted and that the adoption was private meaning that her files were closed and was never to be opened. Phoenix needed her birth certificate to obtain a pass port but she lost hers and needed a new one. She sent off for a duplicate copy and when she received the certificate it was the duplicate of the original with all the information she needed to find her birth mother.

What I really love of about this story was the sub-plot of the story; the coping with grief and loss of a loved one. Some people would have taken the easy way out; others would have gone so deep within themselves that sooner or later they would have died. On several occasions in the story I thought that one day she would have just given in to her grief. Let’s just say that I am glad that Midnight Heat had a happy ending. I have read some books where the author ended the book gloomily.


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More About the Authors


A top 10 New York Times bestseller, Cat Johnson has been the recipient of a starred Publishers Weekly review and is the author of the USA Today bestselling contemporary romances One Night with a Cowboy (Oklahoma Nights), and Saved by a SEAL, Kissed by a SEAL and Loved by a SEAL (Hot SEALs).

Known for her unique and creative marketing and research practices, Cat has sponsored bull riding cowboys, promoted romance using bologna and owns a collection of cowboy boots and camouflage for book signings. A fair number of her research consultants wear combat or cowboy boots for a living.


Midnight Wrangler (Midnight Cowboys #2)


  • Series: Midnight Cowboys
  • Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Zebra (November 24, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1420136232
  • ISBN-13: 978-1420136234


One Lonely Widower…
Rohn Lerner is a successful Oklahoma rancher. He’s old enough to know what he likes, and still young enough to enjoy it. But losing his wife five years ago wore him thin. He’s not ready to date, but he needs someone to share a meal with as badly as someone to warm his bed.

One Woman with a Secret…
Bonnie Martin fled her Oklahoma home years ago, leaving behind her abusive father, and Rohn, the lost love she never forgot. Now she’s back to settle her father’s estate, but she has no idea that she’s about to bump into Rohn or that they’ll fall for each other all over again.

My Review: Midnight Wrangler is the 2nd book in Cat Johnson (Midnight Cowboys) Let me start off, this book can be read as a standalone with that said. Cat Johnson has written an emotional story of second chances. Rohn and Bonnie were high school sweet hearts with everything going for them. Until one day Bonnie left without a goodbye and left Rohn wondering…why.

Until one day with the passing of her father, she was forced to return to settle her father’s estate. And the first night she just so happens to bump into Rohn.

Like any story that I read, I try to find the good and overlook the bad. With Midnight Wrangler I could do just that since the bad is just me being particular and knowing that what might not work for me, may just work for someone else. The thing that I didn’t like was the flashback to the past then the next chapter we were back into the present. It went like this for a few chapters. Like I said just being particular. However, this book did win me over with the awesome plot…that of second chances. And since their past just so happens to take place back when I was in my early teens, what can I say…it was a wonderful thing to relieve the good old days and that of the “Butt-Bows”.

I am looking forward to reading her next book in this series coming out in February 23, 2016 titled Midnight Heat

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