Caedmon Wolves Volume II

Caedmon Wolves Volume II (Books 4-6 )

It took longer than usual to finish a book this week. When life steps in, your leisure takes back seat. The book I just completed was Caedmon Wolves (Volume Two). I had real pleasure in reading all three of these books.

After Keira’s husband is brutally murdered, she is more than just alone but vulnerable to threats and tangled in a web of greed. Her decisions lead her into a corner, and safety is jeopardized. Aiden, Wolf shifter and Council member of the Caedmon Pack, has never failed when it comes to fulfilling the terms of his employment contract. When he is hired to protect an heiress, he doesn’t plan on her being the only woman to bring both challenge and purpose in his life. Without hesitation, he vows to keep the grieving Keira safe–even from himself. Keira trusts Aiden unconditionally and finds joy whenever they are together, but can love transcend a tragedy? Aiden’s urge to protect her is just as great as his desire to claim her. Once the passion is unleashed and fueled by the need to have all of her, the wolf will accept nothing less than his mate.

Tension grows between old rivals… Cold-blooded murder sparks a feud that could reignite the hatred between two dominant packs. Alpha Devin Caedmon and his council are tempted to risk all that is precious to protect their bloodline, but Tristan Arnou, the rival Pack’s leader, isn’t the only force trying to tear down the unity holding them together. All threats must be eliminated before the entire wolf shifter race is destroyed. Forbidden love burns like a wildfire… There is one woman who Blake DeLuca loves more than anything else: Naomi Valentine. Despite the escalating battle and power struggles among their leaders, the fire between these two lovers has yet to be extinguished. Naomi’s heart belongs to Blake, but her allegiance lies with Arnou. She’s left with two choices…assume her duty or accept Blake’s eternal bond? In Wolf’s Strength, secrets are unveiled and old memories long buried have resurfaced. The game of deception is a deadly one. There can be no peace until the bloodshed ends.

Wolf shifter Connor Maxim is a law-abiding citizen. His motto: Keep the peace. Protect the Pack. His firm, Maxim Securities, had been created for this purpose. His honor will be tested when he’s called to deliver on his vows. The homicide rate escalates to an all-time high on Pack territory, and all evidence points to two prevalent wolf Packs: the Caedmon and the Arnou. The Feds give the leaders of both Packs an ultimatum, and a three-day deadline. They must find the source of the murders before the Feds intervene. When a police raid goes awry, Connor’s world collides with that of Antonia Trudeau’s. Under the guise of a striking spitfire of a woman–who happens to be his mate–is a criminal with a healthy rap sheet. He must decide if love is worth more than duty and honor. Antonia circumvents more than just the laws…she captures Connor’s heart.

May Take: In Wolf’s Desire Aiden was a true protector, He wasn’t at first going to take the assignment of protecting Keira since he was going to retire, however something changed his mind. When he arrived he thought everything was going to be as usual. Knowing with protection his life would be on the line. But when he finally meets Keira he knew it was personal when his wolf claims Keira’s wolf as his own.

Wolfs Strength was about Blake DeLuca cousin to Aiden they both were a part of the Arnou pack, they both decided to leave. In Blake case though it was really hard to distance himself since he mate was still part of his old pack. Naomi wanted to leave the Arnou pack, but family loyalties kept her bounded to the pack. Caedmon and the Arnou Pack finally come together when they learn they share a common enemy.

When starting the Wolf’s Honor I realized that I read and reviewed this book you can find the review here:

This entire book was an enjoyable read.


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