Brothers in Arms

Someone is going to pay.
But who?

They took someone from me.
And I’m going to make them pay.
In blood.
But before I can do that,
I have to make sure my girl is safe.
And I will do whatever I have to, even break my own heart, to make sure she survives.
Because she is my queen.
My everything.

He’s changed.
His grief is overwhelming and I can feel the gap widening between us.
Someone is coming after the Kings of Mayhem MC.
And we are trapped as they play out their evil scheme. Because under the cover of darkness, they are coming for each of us, one by one, to play out their own twisted vendetta.
And no one is safe.

Brothers In Arms pickup right where Kings of Mayhem left off. Someone is after the Kings of Mayhem and picking them off one by one. Now, they have Indy in their crosshairs. With Indy life on the line, along with his unborn child. Cade will do anything to stop the murder before he even gets close.

Penny Dee has done it again. This book had intense and emotional moments. This series is a must read. I would recommend that you read Kings of Mayhem before you begin this book.

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