Bound by Their Babies (Yoxburgh Park Hospital)


Title: Bound by Their Babies
Author: Caroline Anderson
Series: Yoxburgh Park Hospital
Page Length: 256 pages
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication Date: (April 1, 2018)
Genre: Medical Fiction





In Bound by their Babies we experience pleasure like non-other. Not pleasure of the flesh. But of the spirit. This book was written by Caroline Anderson and which was published by Harlequin under their new line Medical Romances. You will be inspired to read about two Doctors who both experienced loss. But, ultimately come to realize that second chances are also possibilities.

When Emily loses her husband due to an illness it was with Jake’s assistance that she was able to make a new start an able to raise her newborn son without all the stress of knowing if she would be able to take of him without her husband.

Now, the tables are turned. Jake’s will know what Emily felt like. When Jake’s wife abandons their young child and he must learn how to raise his daughter alone.
Bound by Their Babies a sweet inspirational story of friendship and second chances. A book that will yank at any readers heartstrings.


Best friends, single parents…

Now they need each other like never before!

Obstetricians Jake and Emily have supported each other through tough times. But when they both become single parents, there’s only one solution—move in together and share the job and the childcare! Only, the secret desires they’ve held for each other become very tough to hide. But would revealing their love risk their friendship—or answer their dreams?


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