Blood Bound (Blood Ravagers Book 1)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Print Length: 173 pages


Series: Blood Ravagers #1

Publisher: Tule Publisher

Publication Date: October 10, 2016

Characters: Dante, Anna

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Anna Frost had a bad feeling when her twin sister, Liz, told her she’d run off with a member of the notorious Otherworld biker gang, the Blood Ravagers. And her unease skyrockets when her sister subsequently vanishes. The police have no authority and little interest, so Anna decides to take matters into her own hands by infiltrating the group to discover for herself what happened to Liz, where she meets….

Dante, half demon, half human. A mix of two worlds, accepted by neither, he’s had no choice but to learn the hard way how to play whatever side of the fence kept him alive during his nearly 500 years of existence. Now, as second-in-command of the Blood Ravagers biker gang, his survival depends on keeping his humanity a secret. Dante’s ultimate goal is to fulfill the vows he made over two centuries ago to create a world where half-breeds can live in safety and equality.

But when sheltered schoolteacher Anna finds unexpected, white-hot passion in the arms of Dante, will her quest for the truth cost him more than he ever bargained for? Or will they find a way to save Liz – and their love – together?

When Anna’s twin sister vanishes, she went to the police for assistance. But when the police refuse to take her sister disappearance seriously, Ann decided to take the matter into her own hands.

When her investigation leads to a bar, run by a biker gang, Anna comes to realize that no matter what she would find her sister and bring her back home.

Blood Bound was a fast pace, paranormal romance with an extremely good plot. With this book you must accept what goes against all that you think you know and just enjoy.

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