Beware Of Me (Dark Obsession Book 4)

Beware of Me, a real treat for lovers of romantic suspense. In 4th book of Cynthia Eden Dark Obsession series we have Carly and Ethan who we all met in Need Me. This time around it’s Carly who’s in danger. They say that your past can’t hurt you it can only make you stronger. In some was this statement is true in others it can seriously kill you. Carly and Ethan past are tied together entwined so to speak by blood and death. For this reason alone Ethan walked away from Carly, just to walk back in several years later when the secret of their past were revealed.

My Take: I really, really loved this book. One thing that Cynthia Eden does best is keep you guessing; at One point I thought I solved the mystery, than she threw in a twist that I never seen coming. Ethan was the type of guy that would do anything for the one person he loves. Whereas, Carly, she was wounded but she refused to be a victim to let what happen to her when she was 17 to control the rest of her life. Which I really loved about Beware of Me, this story had really strong characters. If the suspense doesn’t grab you maybe the real hot chemistry between Ethan and Carly will.

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