Ares’ Temptation (Entangled Covet)

The God of War has met his match

and then some. Aubrie Dionne has brought to life the Greek mythology of Ares. Ares was attending a wedding which was being held in the honor of his friend Pan the God of Fertility, when everything goes wrong. A witch out for revenge has cursed him. The curse was the loss of his God powers, and if he doesn’t get them back he will stay a mortal.

Kaye was the only mortal at this God like affair and the reason was in honor of her only friend Syrinx the Goddess of Chasity. Kaye and Ares clash heads regarding war and peace; however, everything comes ahead when Kaye unknowingly gains Ares powers.

Ares and Kaye story was a tale of two worlds coming together and how two people can find their footing by navigating the unknown together.



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