Amelia: A Novel

A Dangerous Thing Called LOVE!!!

This is one of Diana Palmers older stories. Originally released back in 1993. Amelia takes place in early 1900, the Desert Country of West Texas. Going back to reminisce on my younger years of reading a romance novel. I remembered this book as being good back then. But now that I am older, I can see all the faults with this story.

Amelia was a kind and yet timid. Whose life was being terrorized by her father; I know there isn’t a true reason why someone wants to abuse a female, whether it be physical or mentally. But Diana Palmer surely tries. The explanation on how and why her dad went sadistic. I actually; felt sorry for him at the end. So, I decided to give him a pass. However, the hero of this piece…was a real asshat from beginning to end.

King Culhane has the looks and he has power. But, other than that…he was a total loser. I never read a romance, where the hero had no redeeming qualities. I felt cheated by this book. The history was there to amaze us readers, but the romance was just not there. Maybe if this story was a few chapters longer, whereby I can see King trying to make amends…. Yet, again we readers are left with what we did receive, the heroine thinking she deserves less than she’s really entitled too.



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