A Stockingful Of Joy

A Stockingful Of Joy by [Howell, Hannah]Title: A Stockingful of Joy

Print Length: 320 pages / Publisher: Zebra

Publication Date: October 31, 2017 / Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services

Author: Hannah Howell / Genre: Historical Romance

Join award-winning author Hannah Howell as she gives readers a double dose of romance for the holidays with two feisty, flame-haired cousins, a dangerous cross country chase, and two rough and rugged men who find love with the irrepressible, impossible Kenney women….

A Heartful Of Wishes

Deidre Kenney made a deathbed promise to her father—shot in cold blood by two gunmen looking for land deeds he was hired to deliver to Paradise, Montana. Deidre and her cousin Maura vow to finish the dangerous job, each woman taking a different route West. What Deidre didn’t count on was a bodyguard—but that’s what she gets in Patrick Callahan. With his broad shoulders, steady gun, and a crooked grin that’s stirring secret desires—and one very special Christmas wish—Deidre knows the real danger ahead lies in the uncharted territory of her own heart.

A Handful Of Heaven

Maura Kenney hopes her cousin is having better luck making her way to Paradise. The tiny blue- eyed spitfire is too busy fending off drunken oafs and serious gunmen to have a lot of faith in her own success. But luck is on her side: his name is Mitch Callahan and he takes one look at lovely Maura and knows Christmas has come early. But convincing a prim-and-proper miss that a tough, tender-hearted rancher is the only man for her promises to be about as hard as keeping them both alive to share this very special Christmas together…


With a deathbed promise, A Stockingful of Joy wasn’t going to be very joyful this year. Deidre made a deathbed promise to her father. That she will complete the assignment that earlier killed her dad’s business partner and now him. But where they failed, Deirdre and her cousin, Maura was praying to succeed. With a strategy in place, the two set off in opposite directions but with one common goal.
What was nice about A Stockingful of Joy was that we had the pleasure of getting two stories bundled into one book. Going by the synopsis you know it wasn’t the where that was the bases of these stories, but the How. How were these two lone women going to make it to Paradise, Montana? How were they going to overcome the obstacles along the way…Remember, the killers were still out there, and even if they did make it to Paradise, what was waiting for them at the end of the journey?
The first story, A Christmas in Paradise, has Deidre traveling by train and tackling obstinate gunmen, who will do anything to keep Deidre from reaching Montana. In the second story, Handful of Heaven you have the same story but a different take on the first story. However, If I had to pick my favorite out of the two, it would be the second title A Handful of Heaven. I liked both books, but I could relate to the cousin more. You have a shy person, to keep a deathbed, promise she had to step out of her comfort zone and to overcome memories of her past.
Even though the title depicts that these are Christmas romances I didn’t really get the holiday vibe from these stories.
Even though these stories were first published in 1999 under a different title, I take what I can get, plus this book was new to me. A Stockingful of Joy was certainly different than her normal fair of Historical romance. Will I recommend this book…? sure! It will take the boredom out of another long and stress filled day.

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