A Dragon to Tame: Rion


A planet to save..a woman to conquer!

After reading the synopsis I was hoping to really enjoy A Dragon to Tame the second book in Susan Kearney’s The Pendragon Legacy series. But I hate to say this book was a big disappointment.  When you pick up a book; whether it’s Science Fiction, Western or Drama. When sexual tension is the undertone of moving a plot along, you know that the main characters will act upon it sooner or later. This is what we as readers hope for…But to have the characters’ desires, be the focus of saving an entire planet…I hate to say I couldn’t buy into it, which made this story unenjoyable, to say the least.  With all the talent and skills that the two main characters had, I was hoping for a better ending.

Some readers may enjoy A Dragon to Tame, but I have to say this story wasn’t for me.



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