Hunt the Dawn (Fatal Dreams, #2)

Out of darkness and danger…

You can’t hide your secrets from Lathan Montgomery—he can read your darkest memories. And while his special abilities are invaluable in the FBI’s hunt for a serial killer, he has no way to avoid the pain that brings him. Until he is drawn to courageous, down-on-her-luck Evanee Brown and finds himself able to offer her something he’s never offered another human being: himself.

Dawns a unique and powerful love

Nightmares are nothing new to Evanee Brown. But once she meets Lathan, they plummet into the realm of the macabre. Murder victims are reaching from beyond the grave to give Evanee evidence that could help Lathan bring a terrifying killer to justice. Together, they could forge an indomitable partnership to thwart violence, abuse, and death—if they survive the forces that seek to tear them apart.

There might be a mixed bag on who likes the book or who could have done without. But this reviewer is in the category of the ones who likes the book.

Hunt the Dawn written by Abbie Roads has taken the phrase “I See Dead People” to a whole new level. In the second installment in her Fatal Dream series, we’re introduced to two special people who are connected by more than sharing the same zip code, by more than the attraction they have for each other. They are connected by their ability to apprehend a Serial Killer.  With Lathan ability to receive images by smell and Evanee’s gift to bring things back from the dream world. These two make up a heck of a team.

The phrase that came to mind after completing this book was “When they met it was Murder”. Yes, I was a big fan of Heart to Heart. When Lathan is out to stop a serial killer, he didn’t have any time to find love, especially being the way he was. But one night on his way home, he witnesses a woman being harassed, there was something special about the woman that he rushed to her assistance, and everything from there changed for him and especially for Evanee.

 Evanee had a terrible childhood. A childhood that no child of five should have endured. Now a woman, she still put up with the same harassment. Until one day a hero intervened and in Evanee’s eyes no matter how different Lathan was, he would always be her champion.

I loved this book better than Race The Darkness. I don’t know…it was just something about these two that drew me in. Maybe it was the prejudices that these two had to face and overcome. Whatever, the case maybe this book is a must-read.

  Note: Even though this is book #2 in the Fatal Dream Series, Hunt the Dawn can be read as a stand-alone.


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