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    Switched in Time Tour and Giveaway!

    Switched in Time by Breanna Hayse Genre: Time Travel Romance   Nya Lynn Crow is stuck in a boring life. Her only real joy exists in attending BDSM and kinkster parties with her best friend, Tawni. However, even those events are being ruined by a woman who’s out to destroy her, and because of whom Nya ends up being drugged, beaten and left to die on a mesa in the Sandia mountain foothills. She tries to walk home in the dark and stumbles on to ancient Indian burial grounds, only to awaken in the care of two very handsome ranchers who are strong, kind, and ridiculously old-fashioned. While they nurse…

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    Montana Mistletoe Blitz

      Montana Mistletoe Kim Law Publication date: July 6th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance She has the chance to create the future she wants . . . but first she’ll have to face her past. Young, vibrant, and willing to confront any obstacle in her path, Bree Yarbrough has spent the last few years traveling the world and learning from the great artists. Only, her work has yet to strike a lasting chord. When her hometown mentor reaches out with an opportunity that will set her on the path to success, she knows she can’t say no. But once back in Silver Creek, she discovers she isn’t the only one…

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    Aces High Blitz

      Aces High: A Second Chance MC Romance M. Never Publication date: September 25th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance From USA Today bestselling author M. Never, comes a hot, steamy, adventurous second chance romance. Ten years ago, all Liv Ward wanted was my love. What she got was a broken heart instead. When The Bowman’s death causes my world to come crashing down the only silver lining is it brings Liv, his daughter, back into my life. The last thing the sharp, artsy, brunette wants is anything to do with me. But time away and grief do strange things to people, bringing them together in unexpected ways. Like, drunk and…

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    All Of My Every Things Tour and Giveaway!

    All Of My Every Things by L. Bachman Genre: Poetry Publication Date: August 20, 2019   This is not a normal poetry book. It is an exorcism of the soul. A poet will write about the highs and lows of their life in excruciating beautiful ways. Wrapping their pain with a ribbon to either be kept as a secret or presented. L. Bachman has gathered some of her most emotionally raw verses selected from a nineteen-year period of her life and is the first volume of complete non-fiction to date. With bruised white knuckles, created by a humbled self-diagnosed battered and broken being on the road to healing and coping…

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