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    Christmas Hope Tour and Giveaway!

    Christmas Hope by Caroline Warfield Genre: Historical Romance     Some wars must be fought, some loves must live on hope alone, and some stories must be told. This is one of them.   When the Great War is over, will their love be enough? After two years at the mercy of the Canadian Expeditionary force and the German war machine, Harry ran out of metaphors for death, synonyms for brown, and images of darkness. When he encounters color among the floating islands of Amiens and life in the form a widow and her little son, hope ensnares him. Through three more long years of war and its aftermath, the…

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    To Kill a Fae Blitz

      To Kill a Fae C.S. Wilde (Hollowcliff Detectives, #1) Publication date: October 10th 2019 Genres: Adult, Romance, Urban Fantasy Fae enjoy playing dangerous games… In detective Mera Maurea’s experience, three things motivate a murder: secrets, convenience, or passion. But none of the three can explain why the Summer King is dead. With a tight deadline hanging over her head, Mera has to figure out who’s the culprit before the frail balance that holds the nation of Tagrad together crumbles into dust. To aid her—or turn her life into a living hell, hard to tell which—is her fae partner Sebastian Dhay, a snarky detective with a penchant for the illegal.…

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    One More Song Blitz

      One More Song C.M. Seabrook Publication date: October 10th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance My band, Absinthe, is sent to the middle of nowhere to get our shit together. It’s time to keep my cock in my pants, my head on straight, and to stay out of trouble. Hard to do when the landlord is Ember Skye. Long brown hair, eyes flecked with gold. One look and she has me, heart and soul. Fire burns. But when I’m with this girl? There’s a heat I’ve never known before. She’s a single mom carrying it all on her own with an ex on her heels. I want to help, be…

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