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    Review: Claiming Sarah

    All defenses are down in the fifth Ace Security novel from New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker. Sarah Butler isn’t flattered. She’s angry and unnerved. She’s been getting intimate gifts from a man she barely knows. Nothing threatening yet, but there’s just a weird vibe she can’t ignore. Her recourse is Ace Security. Their solution: self-defense lessons at Rock Hard Gym with a personal, hands-on instructor. One look at the bearded, tattooed, green-eyed alpha is enough to take Sarah’s breath away. Cole Johnson is definitely the man for the job. He’s eager to train her. Eager to get closer. And when it comes to Sarah’s instincts, Cole knows she’s…

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    The Minimalist Babe Blitz

      The Minimalist Babe: Tidying-Up Your Whole Life Lola R. Marie Publication date: September 7th 2019 Genres: Adult, Self-help Lola is every bit the minimalist babe – she lives simply, is intelligent and sassy, emotional and strong, calm and composed. Realizing that less is more, she traded in material possessions to focus on what was truly important to her. Lola’s inspiring guide delivers real-world advice on how to consume less, clear out clutter, find authenticity, and live a life based on freedom. It is a sincere attempt to help those who want to end their obsession with stuff. Echoing the thoughts behind Leonardo da Vinci’s quote that “simplicity is the…

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    No More Bad Dates Blitz

      No More Bad Dates Kate O’Keeffe ((High Team #1) (Cozy Cottage Café, #5)) Publication date: September 5th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “The perfect fun-filled escape from reality. Kate O’Keeffe at her delightful best!”- Whitney Dineen, bestselling author of Relatively Normal Three friends form the No More Bad Dates Pact: stop dating the wrong guys and start dating the right ones – weirdos and jerks need not apply. Twenty-five-year-old Sophie McCarthy’s career is virtually nonexistent, her family expects her to “do something important” with her life, and she’s totally sick of dating the wrong guys: the self-absorbed, the arrogant, the borderline criminally insane. After…


    Out of Bounds Cover Reveal

      Out of Bounds Eden Rayna (Driven by Fire, #2) Publication date: October 1st 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Luca When I wanted her, I couldn’t have her. Now I want to get rid of her and I can’t do that either. Bobby was the love of my life and I thought she felt the same way. When she left me nearly ten years ago and burned all traces of herself, I learned how she really felt. I finally gave up looking, moved, made some new friends. Now she’s moved to my town and I want to spend time with her like I want to hang out on a ship…

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    Carousel Tour and Giveaway!

    The Carousel The Wild Geese Book 7 by Cynthia Owens Genre: Historical Romance   Like the Wild Geese of Old Ireland, five boys grew to manhood despite hunger, war, and the mean streets of New York The War had left him blind to beauty… Kieran Donnelly is a gifted artist who has sworn never to paint again. He saw and did too many things during the war to extinguish the ugliness that lies in his heart. But a chance to work with some of the most magnificent paintings brings him close to the world he still loves…and an extraordinary woman who sees his true heart. Darkness couldn’t extinguish the light…

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