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    Confessions of a Sex Kitten Blitz

      Confessions of a Sex Kitten Mila Rossi Publication date: August 30th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Striving to be the sex kitten Avery Taylor portrays on her blog is a lot harder than she imagined, but having a hot, new neighbor move in next door sure gets her imagination going. His green eyes alone would give a girl the vapors. And yet, getting involved with someone so close just isn’t in the cards for Avery, even if her inner kitten is telling her that all rules are meant to be broken once. Or twice. Or as many times as it takes to get familiar with James’s one billion abs.…

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    His Smile Blitz

      His Smile Katerina Winters Publication date: August 30th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Roman Mashir was the man that stepped out of shadowed corners wearing a smile. Cruelty and laughter were synonymous in his world. Roman was the devil who caught your gaze and grinned back at you in your nightmares.Fear was what he liked to see, expected even–bright eyed infatuation was not.Rahina Chopra was persistent, annoying, naïve, and beyond foolish. While she danced happily in moonlight he was the devil who aimed his sights and pulled triggers.She had no business fluttering carelessly into his world, he had made too many enemies, laughed in the face of one too…

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    Forbidden Desires Blitz

      Forbidden Desires Jaimie Roberts Publication date: August 29th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Daughter, covet not thy mother’s husband. Isn’t that a saying? I know it isn’t, but in my case it really should be. Because, in my case, I didn’t just walk up to the line, I crossed so far over it that I can no longer recall how I got there in the first place. What line did I soar over? The line leading up to him. Owen Montgomery: Rich … powerful … fucking amazing in bed. Oh, and he’s married to my mother. I didn’t seek this out as a way of life, but once I…

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    False Series Blitz

      False Memory Meli Raine (False #1) Publication date: November 15th 2018 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense It all started with the bereavement flowers with my name on them. Not the best way to wake up, right? I work in a flower shop. I know a funeral arrangement when I see one. I know a killer when I see one, too. And one is standing in my hospital room right now, straight behind the man who saved my life. I can’t tell anyone the truth, because that’s the fastest way to really die. So I do the next best thing. I “lose” my memory. I fake my amnesia. Pretending not to…

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    Athina Paris Author Spotlight Tour and Giveaway!

    When Dani Smiled by Athina Paris Genre: Romantic Suspense   Stranded on the side of a highway, Dani, a young fashion designer and IT expert, calls to reschedule an important interview, only to discover that her future boss is in the hospital. Nicholas, playboy and heir to Galfrey’s, can’t help but be intrigued by the young woman’s voice on the phone and races to her rescue. Attraction is immediate and mutual, but whereas Nicholas has never waited for anything in his life, Dani quickly dampens his enthusiasm by refusing to be rushed into a casual liaison. Sams is handsome, ambitious, and rich, but also self-centred, with huge self-entitlement issues, manipulative,…

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    The Duchess in His Bed Tour and Giveaway!

    The Duchess in His Bed Sins For All Seasons Book 4 by Lorraine Heath Genre: Historical Romance   For a duchess with practical desires, falling in love is an inconceivable part of her plan… As owner of the Elysium Club which caters to women’s fantasies, Aiden Trewlove is accustomed to introducing adventurous ladies to sin and vice. But he is uncharacteristically intrigued by the mysterious beauty who visits his club one night, yearning to indulge in the forbidden—with him. Drawn to her indomitable spirit, he breaks his rule of never becoming personally involved with his clientele and is determined to fully awaken her desires. A recent widow, Selena Sheffield, Duchess…

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